Friday, October 16, 2009


Okay, back from exam number two.

Again, a very friendly doc (we actually attended West Georgia College at the same time!) who asked all the right questions and (I hope) got all the right answers.

The exam, however, was very cursory: No blood work, no "snap" of that rubber glove, and no Bill (in a falsetto voice) yelling, "Oh.My.Gawd! Are you gonna stick that big ol' thing in MEEEE?"

I was actually looking forward to doing that, but maybe it's good that it didn't happen, because they might have thrown me out on my ass if it had.

One thing that did happen was an x-ray of my arthritic right hand. Specifically the right middle finger which will just not bend, and which, if I still drove, would have served me well in traffic!

I had forgotten that I mentioned that in my history, but apparently someone thought it was significant, and by golly, it is!

When I worked as a respiratory therapist, it was one of my jobs to manually resuscitate a patient in an emergent situation (this is known as "bagging" someone), and it was getting increasingly difficult to do, given that my right is my dominant hand, and I remember not doing as well with my left.

Okay, so they took 3 shots of my hand to add to my chart/dossier/application.

Y'all, during this whole week, I have slept maybe 4 hours total, and right now, not only am I losing altitude; I am in a friggin tailspin!

I have alternately laughed (trying to make the best of it all) and cried (wondering if I am going to be able to help my sweet wife to keep our little family together as long as I can function) and wondered to myself: "WTF???? The meds are supposed to keep this from happening!"

So, in keeping with my philosophy of keeping this blog honest, I have to tell you that right now I have the mother of all eye-infections. Every time I blink my eyes, there's so much "eye-snot" that I have to pry the lids open with my fingers.

Loss of sleep? Bawling like a baby, or just allergies?

I don't know. I'm just glad to have "phase one" behind me, and hope to be strong enough to face two or three, if needed.

The "Waiting Game" begins. Thanks for being here and hanging in there with me!

Thanks to everyone for still remembering the four-footed ones.

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Margaret said...

It's good that they documented the arthritis in your right hand, Bill, that should help you with the disability stuff.

Just happy that you're being examined inside and out. :)

Bill Craig said...

So what are ya trying to say, Moods?

Yeah, I was PREPARED for the glove, but I didn't wave my sexy *ASS* in his face!

Oh, Margaret!

It's you and Becks and Lisa and Sojourner and all the others here that keep me keepin' on.

I wouldn't know what I would do if I could not "talk" about me here.

Other than my sweet D, y'all are IT!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Bill