Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"To Sleep, Perchance To Dream....."

One of the many meds I take, Primadon, really knocks me out, so I take only half a dose twice during the day, and a full dose at night.

But, it really makes me have some very vivid dreams, and they aren't all nightmares. Some of them are quite pleasant, and some are....."sequential" - by which I mean, something will happen in one sleep cycle, I'll wake up, go back to sleep and it will continue in the next.

In some of my dreams, I have had such pleasurable experiences as meeting my late parents again. My Mom beautiful in her evening gown, dancing with my Dad, looking very handsome and regal in his Army "dress blues".

My Mom, who was, in my opinion, bipolar, would speak to me and tell me that "everything's fine, Billy", while my Dad would look at her with love in his eyes - which rarely happened in real life.

I have also "met" old girlfriends again, and, even though they are still very much alive, in my dreams we are able to "resolve" some of the differences that caused us to disagree and part ways.

I know what you're thinking: "You're sleeping too much, B~! That's a sure sign of depression and it's not good!", and I agree with you. It is symptomatic of depression, but we already knew that, didn't we?

I just really enjoy these little "journeys" and hate to come back from them

Got lots more to tell you about the trip (including my "cathartic" talks with Wayne, our late Betty's husband), and pictures to share.

EDITED TO ADD: Sometimes my dreams stay with me long enough to write them down, and this I have done - many times. If I can keep my sanity long enough, maybe I can turn them into stories.......

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Anonymous said...


Did you mean the med you are on is Primidone?

I did a search on Primadon, that you typed, cuz I'm nosey that way and this is what I found, hee hee


I think you meant Primidone, didn't ya? What are you taking it for? Have you checked the side effects? From what I've read, you need to be closely monitored by the doc and D. Just sayin.

Heck, if your dreams are pleasant, then that's a good thang, right?

I will be looking forward to hearing about some more of those dreams. I've always been a big dreamer while sleeping, but mine are not always so pleasant.

Love the Dreamweaver and actually all the music you post.

Still clickin to feed and the ads.

Later, Becks

Bill Craig said...

Yah, PRIMIDONE is what I meant, Becks. I ain't no GO-rilla! *LOL*

Me and D appreciate your words of advice, Honey, thank you!

Sometimes, I'm afraid there's not going to be ENOUGH time for me write all those dreams into STORIES.

I think my time is running out.


Beth said...

Hey Sweetie
Long time no see. Sorry I haven't popped on here for awhile thing have been kinda hairy. I hope your're healing fast, aren't too pissed at me, and write down some more of your dreams ( I find them fascination, as I have wierd 'uns too.
Love Ya!