Monday, September 14, 2009


Raining here, and will be for the next week.

As for anything else, I suppose the old adage, "You can dress him up, but you can't take him out", applies to me, since D informed me I made an inappropriate comment at dinner last night when I asked everyone, if they had any dollar bills in their wallets or purses?

All of them answered in the affirmative, whereupon I asked "Well have you ever wodered if they've been in the butt-crack of some stripper?" (I read that on some web-site and thought it was hilariously funny)

Silence followed by a little "nervous" laughter, and a chastising BILL! from D.

I think she later explained and apologized for me, but this is happening a lot lately and I think it is one of the symtoms of the dementia.

It also begs the question: Why can I remember jokes, and dialogue from favorite movies, and even (if I were to go back to acting in little theatre) scripted lines, but yet I can't remember where, only seconds ago, I laid the keys?

Also, one of my "Doper" friends ("Typo Knig") wrote me that the animal rescue folks have started another shelter challenge, so may I ask y'alls help to once again vote for Paulding Humane? Thanks!

I am having trouble loading the "button" from the the animal rescue site, so please, if you don't have it bookmarked, go to a previous blog entry and click there, okay?
Remember to click to feed FIRST, and then go to the top of the page to vote.





Margaret said...

Hi Bill,
Those situations just happen in a couple. My husband sometimes says things that get to me, that I wish he didn't say-- especially to other women.

On the other had, I do things that irritate him, spend a long time on the phone with a "friend" who only calls when she needs something or wants me to agree with her on something or the other.

Other people don't follow the scripts in my mind, damnit!

The dollar/stripper's buttcrack comment wouldn't have bothered me, but it would have sent my sister Helen into a cold rage. She doesn't post at the Straight Dope, mind you. ;)

Take good care of each other, D and B.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to know your audience when trying to get a laugh.

Guess you won't be getting invited back to the comdom then, heh?

Love the crooked man song, makes ya wanna sing along.

Bill Craig said...


Nah. They know me, and know what's going on, and even though they may be outwardly "shocked", I think that some of them can't wait to get back home to their spouses and repeat the latest thing "that ol feeb said!" *LOL*

It hasn't been that bad a trip, despite the intermittent stomry weather, and under normal circumstances, I'd be out on the beach with a frozen margarita, but with this boot, I'm afraid I'd sing in the wet sand or look like some peg-legged pirate missing only a parrot and an eye-patch!

Yarrrr, my young wenchie! *LOL*

Your Dab & D

Bill Craig said...

"SINK" in the wet sand. NOT "sing".

"STORMY" not "stomry"

"Anal B~"