Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Sorry I haven't posted to the blog in a few days, y'all, but I just really haven't felt like even being on the computer, plus, there are some pictures I'd like for y'all to see and I can't upload them, because me and D keep forgetting to buy new batteries!


Here is what my sweet friend "Becks" wrote, Sorry y'all have to copy and paste, but I forgot how to create links (sucks to be me ah reckon! :)


We, me, are very limited in our area for specialist in the field of dementia and have been disappointed that we can't get the best of care.

Also here is a site that you can locate different clinical trials going on for various things. Not specifically for any one trial -- but for the sake of locating offices/doc's who are at least actively looking for something more than what they already have to prescribe.


Info on Alzheimer's studies and research. Just wish they would post the dates for these studies. Some are current, some out of date. You have to go to each one and see if it's still ongoing or not and location.


Also, can't remember if or who I sent this too, but I'm sending again. These are videos of an interview with Dr. Mary Stewart and her husband Steve about their use and progress with MCT and coconut oil.


OK, I guess that's enough for you to ponder over for now.

I truly hope that most of us, won't have to go through this body functioning eating disease, but it's good to be prepared, just in case.

Sending good vibes, best wishes, love and concern for all of us, Becky


So here's a little something in keeping with the title of this entry. Enjoy and try to stay with it till the last line, if you can.

Love ya'!


The Animal Rescue Site


Anonymous said...

Hey DAB, thanks for the post. I hope it helps someone.

Glad you finally posted. If you hadn't posted tonight, I thought I would have to track you down and phone you.

I just hoped and reckoned y'all had gone off somewhere with yer kin with the three day weekend and all.

Sorry you weren't doin so well. Seems like an epidemic of that goin round right now.

Loved the Monty, that was histerical.

Feel better, Becks

Anonymous said...

OK, all who read this blog and comments.

Our Bill is trying to collect funds for Alzheimer's and Paulding Humane Society by putting google ads on his blog pages. Each time you click on the ads, a portion goes to him to give to these organizations.

Google does not pay until he reaches $100, he's just at 49 bucks. Bill, cannot on his blog ask you to click on the ad links, against google rules, but I can. Some are actually interesting and informative.

So start clicking away on those ad links and help him make his goal.

DAB, do you get to choose which ads go on your blog?

Kauften Sie diesen Cowboyhut, dennoch? Schlägt viagra, hee hee

Bill Craig said...

Oh. My. God.

Becks, D is still trying to calm my belly down from laughing so hard!

You just "take the bull by the horns", dontcha, Baby-Girl?

And to answer your question, my "ad boxes" appear according to what google "picks up" out of my entries.

So, no, I haven't tried to sell any cowboy hats to Germans, and thank GOD I don't need no Viagra!

You never fail to lift my spirits, dear one!

Thank you!


Margaret said...

Since I use Firefox as webbrowser I had no idea that there were ads related to Alzheimer's on this blog.

I've been clicking on the Pets site every day. Next time I drop by I'll use IE.

Jason said...

ah, so you have seen the coconut video! i've been eating so much damn coconut now :) what can it hurt, right? it's kind of good too...

my mom had a great talk with me today about living in the "now" and to stop worrying about what happened to my grandmother and what's happening to my dad. her mother died of huntington's disease and she spent most of her adult life anticipating and worrying. now that she's passed the age where it would have happened she realizes how much time she wasted in negativity.

anyway, this all makes me think of how your life must be about living in the now. you're an inspiration to be sharing everything on here and being brave.

Bill Craig said...

Thanks, Jason, for your reply.

I don't know your age, but I suspect you're a LOT younger than me, so I compliment you on having a very wise Mom.

It's TOUGH to remember to live each day as it comes, especially with having a wife, a son and 2 grandkids whom I love very much, and whose welfare should I suddenly be unable to function, but I'm doing the best that I can.

Again, thanks for the note and the kind words.