Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update On My Leg

Okay. It's broken at the ankle, but it's a "clean" break and will require no surgery/pins.

The way it happened was this:

I was helping D with the washing and was carrying a clothes basket down the stairs (bedrooms are upstairs).

This is an older house and each step of the stairs is only about a foot deep.

The basket was fuller with clothes than normal and It was hard for me to gauge where to put my feet, so about half way down, down I went.

Didn't know it at the time but yeah, I broke the ankle and hit my head on the wall.

The reason we didn't know it at the time, is because the new B/P meds I am on are making my hands and legs swell, so, because I could walk up the stairs last night we just thought "twisted ankle".


So I'm in a temporary cast till next week and when the swelling recedes, they'll put me on one oc those "walking" casts and I shold be able to get around a bit better.

My computer time is going to be minimal because I have to keep my left leg elevated for now, and I'm being petted rotten by my wife, and I'm "eatin' it up!" *LOL*

So consider me as being officially on the (physical) disabled list. (We already knew about the mental list, right?)

Please continue to click to feed the critters, and if you want to write me, I can get D to read me your notes.

The Animal Rescue Site

Before I close I want to tell y'all a true story about a dream I had earlier in the week.

Do you do this?

Go to sleep with the TV on, dream and become a part of what's going on?

Well, what was going on this time was one of those erectile dysfunction commercials, and whatever it was, musta not been working, because D said I woke her up yelling, "I want my 4 hours, dammit! I want my 4 hours!"

We both shared a laugh over it, because thankfully, what with everthying else that's wrong with me, that isn't one of them!

So don't worry, okay? I'm still all in one piece (well, okay - two pieces) and my quirky sense of humor's still intact as well!




Margaret said...

Thanks for letting us know :) Let D do as much petting and spoiling as she wants. :)

I don't know if you're on Vitamin D and calcium, but maybe those would be good at a time like this and help you heal faster. I've read that they do help adults even heal more rapidly.

Take care

Anonymous said...

DAB, sorry that it actually is broken, but glad that you didn't have to have surgery.

Just remember things could always be worse. Erectile disfucntion, hmmmmm, watch out for this guy.

Maybe you should take a few safety tips from your alter ego.

Yeah dreamin. I tend to have very vivid dreams every night. Whatever I was watching on TV, thinking about or computing, winds up in my head as I am sleeping.

It's good that you have D to pet you rotten. Just remember to reciprocate when you are all better. She needs that too.

Until later, Becky

Hee Hee, another appropriate word validation. Funny how sometimes these match the conversation.