Friday, August 28, 2009

I've Been "Caned" (An Update)

All those re-runs of "House" are coming in handy, because even I though I have both a walker (Oh! The indignity of it!) and crutches, they're not really feasible for getting around in the bedroom and/or going to the bathroom.

Can't get the cast wet, so I have to do "sponge baths", which really don't make me feel clean at all, and D. has to help me wash my hair, which we do in the sink. Luckily, I have an electric shaver, but everything has become such a "chore" all of a sudden, that once I get done, I'm huffing and puffing like a freight train.

Add to that, the shame of having to sit down to pee, and maybe you (guys, at least) can imagine that it ain't so easy bein' me these days. I take a diuretic along with my BP meds, so that means I have to that a LOT throughout the day!

We have a PC (this one) in our bedroom upstairs, so all I have to do is slide from the bed right onto the office chair and I can sit and check e-mail or write the blog, but only for short periods, so if you see a blog these days, it's likely I didn't write it all in one sitting.

My two "saving graces" are Dondra and Bert (my tomcat).

I know I kid about her spoiling me, but she's really been terrific throughout this whole ordeal, and I don't know what I'd do without her.

In a previous relationship I was once told, "when you need me, I'll be there". Then as time wore on, the "reallies" started being added:

"If you really ever need me, I'll be there!" (add one "really" per month, and you can see where that relationship was headed, right? *LOL*

She was a "piece of work", that one!

Bert the cat: Isn't it wonderful how our pets can "sense" that we're not feeling well, and give us their own kind of TLC? Bert has hardly left my side, and even though he's a very loving cat anyway, he seems much more so when "Dad's" not doin' so hot.

Not being able to play World of Warcraft is about to "kill" me, because it is one of the few activities that give me pleasure these days.

The pain is receding and I can't wait to get into a walking splint next week.

So that catches you up, except for the fact that I make quite a comical sight scooting up and down the stairs on my butt. I go downstairs and use the walker to get to the recliner, where I watch television and/or read.

Sorry if this seems a bit "disjointed", so to speak (HA!), but I am having to write it in instalments, and I have to wait till D turns away from this very bright screen so as to not disturb her sleep.

The Animal Rescue Site

Bert says mrrrrowrrr! Which means "thanks" in kitty-speak.

Couldn't find The Tams version, but this one's just as good:



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