Sunday, August 16, 2009

If You Are Only Reading The Blog......

......and not the comments, you're missing a great deal of (heh-heh) social intercourse, because my friends and followers of the blog are asking some very good questions there, and I'm answering them there and not in the main body of the blog.

So.... I don't know, have you got the blog set up so that you can read the latest comments as well? Or would you prefer I not reply in the comments, and create a blog entry with the questions included?

Up to y'all, dear readers!

Sometimes I will get an e-mail of a new comment and sometimes I don't. Guess that's just a google "thang".

Hope y'all had a great weekend and will have a great week coming up.

The Animal Rescue Site

I found this video to remind us that there are many animals (not just doggies) who need adopting from local shelters nationwide. Adoption fees are very reasonable and your new pet will aprreciate a home that isn't behind a cage, so remember to click to feed, and to spay, neuter and adopt!



Edited to add: the creator of the video wasn't sure if it was Patti Page or Doris Day who sang this tune (hence the title), but I'm thinking it was Doris. She is a great lover of animals! Also, the person making the video made a mistake in one of the pictures. Can you spot it? ;)


Anonymous said...

Well let's see, hmmm.

Do warm fuzzy adorable ferret's talk?

Another funny thing I saw in the video was the sign behind that guy saying, Dog For Sale, eats anything and is fond of children.

Don't know for sure if it's Doris or Patti, they sound so much alike singing this song, but I think it's Patti.

I for one read the comments, cuz I post some of them, so doesn't really matter to me on that.

I haven't had a chance to look up your Scots gaelic translation yet, but I think it says something like, "How are you, and good health." DEB never really learned his native language, as he was raised mostly in Afica, but he does know some of the language.

I just lost a dear friend and neighbor this morning to a fast spreading aggressive cancer. It was very quick from time of feeling ill enough to passing away. Nothing could be done to treat him. I'm very sad. I've lost two close neighbors in the last couple of months. The neighborhood I once loved and could count on, is gone.

Once again, having to lose the best and pleasurable things in life is horrible, and just plain unfair. I hate it.

OK, gotta run, lots to do.

Until later, Becks and DEB

Bill Craig said...

Heh-Heh! NOTHING gets by the "Beckster" (Sorry! 1 time usage only, with apologies to Rob Schneider ("makin' COPIES!!!!")

The Beck-a-Rama! The Beck-a Nini!

Catchin' the MISTAKE! Sherlock-a-Becka!

Okay, I'll stop now. Just wanted to make you smile a little?

Yeah, I think she sang "parrot" but it sure SOUNDED like "ferret", didn't it, hon?

Okay, to more serious matters:

Me and D are very sorry to hear of the loss of your friends/neighbors, Honey!

Is there a "good" way to die?

God, it sure as HELL can't be cancer.

You and DEB hold on to each other over the miles and know that you are in mine and D's hearts, as we were in yours.

That is what friends do.

We send ourt love, and yes, you were correct in translating what I wrote to him.

Just didn't want him to forget, that we think of you both!

DAB and D

Margaret said...

That version is Doris Day's. Just to jog your memory, the Patti Page version had regular barking in it? Remember?
"How much for that doggie in the window (arf arf) etc.

I loved that song when I was a kidlet.

Margaret said...

A talking ferret would be amazing, wouldn't it?

Bill Craig said...


I'm prolly not allowed to allude to this fact, but we are VERY CLOSE to setting a record with "hits" on this blog!

If that means that 3 C are reading this, and clicking, then we are damn sure feeding some 4-leggers!

God! If the economy would just allow it, and people could ADOPT, just think how many of them we could keep from the incinerator????

Thank you, Margaret, and may I ask: did this blog bring you and Becks together as friends and stuff?

If so, that would just make my WHOLE damn LIFE!



Margaret said...

This blog has brought me to an appreciation of the fine qualities of humour and compassion that Becks seems to embody.

I'm happy I met the lot of you. :)

Bill Craig said...

I think I can speak for Becks when I say we're glad to have met you as well, Maragaret.

And in the words of The Firesign Theatre. "I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus"! *LOL*'re_All_Bozos_on_This_Bus

Thanks and much love!