Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad News/Good News

First the bad: My sister-in-law has had a stroke, and she's in the hospital on a ventilator. It was kind of a blow to the family, because she's always been one of those "take-charge", stalwart women and much loved by the entire family.

Now the good news: It looks like she's going to recover, but she'll need a lot of rehab, which starts next Monday after she's weaned off the ventilator. (This is done by decreasing the amount of oxygen and the amount of machine-initiated breaths, until she's completely - or nearly - breathing on her own. Right now she's on 30% of O2. You and I breathe 21% oxygen in room air.)

More good news is that I'm going to become involved in her at-home care with pulmonary rehab. I won't be able to administer any medications or do any invasive procedures (such as draw arterial blood or re-intubate her, God forbid), but I can help her with breathing exercises and helping with her physical and mental well-being.

And further good news is that I'll be feeling "productive" again, helping her and myself in the process. She'll have her very own pulmonary rehab guy, and I will be taking care of a patient again and helping her to feel better!

Cool, huh?

So, a mixed-emotions kinda thing: I am sorry she had the stroke, but I'm glad she'll recover and I will be happy to be useful again.

Excuse me, I'm gonna go put on my "Tarzan" loin-cloth, and do a little chest-beatin'! *LOL*

Three more days till the end of the Shelter Challenge, kids. Please remember to click to feed and to vote for Paulding Humane, thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Hope it all turns out well for y'all.

Bill Craig said...

Thanks, Becks!

You're just always right there, and it is much appeciated, Hon!

If you haven't already, please see the update on the last blog entry.




Bill Craig said...

OMG, Becks!!!!!


I just clicked on your url, thinking it was gonna be your name and saw it was Billzan!

Made my night, you did!

You are too much and very sweet!