Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Pics......

...... are still coming, kids. My niece Deirdre is putting them together into a very special place on the net, and when she gets them done, we will post a link there.

Meanwhile, let me just give you a quick update on that day and what all happened:

1. Forgot how to tie a Windsor knot in my tie, and had to ask for help

2. Had to pee, forgot to zip, and almost walked down the aisle that way, had it not been for my Sis-In-law.

3. Reunited with my best friend from High School after 15 years of not having any contact.

I am very excited because he, in the meantime, has become a very successful performer of his own Christian music, and he's invited me into his home studio to play and perhaps to record with him.

I am currently in the process of getting my fingers "calloused-up" by playing my accoustic-electric again and practicing my voice lessons. I also offered him my services as a drummer, so I'll be able to get my Pearls out of the closet again as well!

Other Updates

1. In the "Shelter Challenge", Paulding Humane Society is still at number 11, and we haven't budged from there in weeks now, so please remember to click to feed and click to vote - every day, thanks.

Here's the link:

The Animal Rescue Site

2. This blog has 25 followers now, with many international friends taking a look. THANK YOU!. Please remember also that every click on that ad box you see, results in a 50-50 split between Alzheimer's Association and Paulding Humane once we get to $100.00. At that time, I will ask for a check and I will disburse the amounts as promised, from my personal account. I will also post a copy of each check here, so that y'all can see where that 2 cents went! *LOL*

3. My neuro-psych testing is now scheduled for June 18. This is the test originally scheduled last February which kept getting postponed/re-scheduled, and is my way of getting a "baseline" just to see where my dementia falls as compared with the rest of Alzheimer's patients nationwide.

Here's a pretty song to mark a wonderful occasion last Saturday. I will apologize for the occasional hiccups, but it was the only version I could find.

Dondra and I send our love



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