Thursday, June 18, 2009

Neuro-Psych Testing Today Part Deux: "Bro Can't Hang!"

Oh, God, y'all! I am wore slap-out! *LOL*

Got there at 8:3o this morning and met with Dr. Ann Sollinger, PhD for a preliminary interview. She asked the questions that decided if this would be a short or all-day session. I found her very professional and empathetic. There were times when I didn't trust myself to speak, and she waited while I "pulled myself together", and I appreciated that so much. I was so apprehensive about the testing that I didn't sleep at all last night, and I know I looked a mess, but she put me so at ease with her quiet manner, that I soon settled right in. I know I'm in good hands!

At 9, my administrator Ashley walked in, took out my brain, examined it, asked it a lot of questions, and then re-inserted it, devoid of any delusions of grandeur I might have ever had of being a genius.

I will recount here what I remember of that we did those 6 hours. (It won't be much, I promise!)

1. I was shown some diagrams and asked to reproduce them on a sheet of paper. I think I did okay.....

2. I was told two stories with a lot of details and then he asked me to repeat as much as I remembered of those details (and that we'd come back to those stories at a future time, when he would ask me again.). I think I did okay on those, although I did forget some salient details.

3. Math: I sucked at even the basic stuff: "Joe bought a sports coat for 60 dollars, which was marked down 15%. What was the original price?"


A family travels 215 miles in 5 and a half hours. What was their rate of speed?


4. Vocabulary: (Meanings of words). Aced that one

5. How are these things alike?

a) Work and Play?

Bill: "They're not alike".

Ashley: "Try again".

Bill: "They're both activities?"

Ashley: "That's right."

Bill: (to himself) "WTF?"

b) Democracy and Monarchy:

Bill: "They're two separate things!"

Ashley: "Try again."

Bill: "Okay, they both have one "head of state?"

Ashley: "Correct."

Bill: (to himself again) "Was in der FRIGG????"

c) Friend and Enemy:

Bill: "They're both people!"

Ashley: "Correct!"

Bill: "Huh???"

6. Name these things in the pictures.

Aced that one

7. Name as many of these in each category (Fruits, Vegetables, Animals) as you can in a minute.

Bill: (trying to go through the alphabet) Got maybe 10 in each category.

8. Flash Cards: With this one, he told me he couldn't explain what I was supposed to do - I'd need to figure it out myself.

He put four cards in front of me in red, yellow, blue and green with different shapes and I was supposed to put the next card he dealt me under the card that most closely fit where I thought it should go.

I got maybe 35% of those right, and we did it twice.

The last part of the testing (there was more - I just cannot remember all of it!) consisted of 560 computer questions about my personality and stuff. (Which we all already know is frigged beyond repair, right? *S*)

So, God, I'm wore out, Kiddos!

Ashley was great! He let me go pee when I needed to, and he even brought me a Diet Pepsi when I was falling asleep at the computer answering all those questions. He could not have been nicer to me, and PLUS..... he was impressed when I was able to tell him who wrote "Faust" (It was Göthe, of course).

He said I was only the second person he'd ever tested who knew that, and then I told him I was half-German! *LOL*

So what's left of me and my brain at 7:19 pm on a Thursday evening in Dallas, Georgia?

ZILCH! How about a little Monkees Techno tonight?

Kudos to you if you recognize the genre of music this song represents?

Think "Bach". Think "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"!

Lyrics are below the vid!

The Animal Rescue Site

Mr. Dobolina, Mr. Bob Dobolina,
Mr. Dobolina, Mr. Bob Dobolina, etc...

China clipper calling Alameda,
China clipper calling Alameda, etc...


Never mind the furthermore, the plea is self defense,
Never mind the furthermore, the plea is self defense, etc...


It is of my opinion that the people are intending,
It is of my opinion that the people are intending, etc...
Zilch, zilch, zilch.

Thanks and I should know in 2 weeks how demented I am!




Animastryfe said...

Did you have to do the math questions mentally? I couldn't find the exact answer for 60/0.85.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill, I've been checking back to your blog site off and on this evening waiting to see if you would post of your brain exam. Glad you were not too buggered out to ease my curiosity.

I guess there is a sample test online somewhere but I haven't had the courage to test myself yet.

One question, were you ever any good at those written math type questions? I've always had a hard time with even basic math, let alone those type questions.

Actually when taking my mom in for those exams, I would be sitting there thinking to myself, heck I don't know most of the answers to those questions. I've always had a problem retaining info, although I love and try so hard learn things.

Learning computing was and still is a challenge for me, especially since they keep changing things every five seconds.

Anyway, I'm glad you made it through this part of the new path that has been thrown upon you and I'm very happy the med people were good to you and let you go pee.

Don't really get the techno Monkey type music, not my cup of tea, but I suppose it kind of goes along with the way we feel our brains are sometimes.

I don't know, just in the short time that I've read your stuff, I kinda think you might have been just a little bit like this all along:

Keep your sense of humor, it's priceless.

Noch verrückt nach all diesen Jahren Süße Träume Bill


Bill Craig said...

Yeah, Amimastryfe

I ASKED to work it out on paper, but [Dana Carvey's George Bush]
"Nah-gaa-duit! Wouldn't be PRUDN'T!"[/Dana Carvey's George Bush] Ashley wouldn't go for it.

Plus, it would have cut into my "other" problem-solving time.

Bill Craig said...


Schtill krazie affter all dies Jahren, mein old Freund? *SCHMEIL*

Becky, if there IS a sample test somewhere on the web, I wouldn't know where to find it, and I am glad I didn't, 'cause I would have practiced, and that would just have made things worse!

So I guess what I'm saying, Becky, is go in "cold" - an "open page", so to speak.

No, Hon. I was NEVER any good at math, except for the "take away" ones. *LOL*

The "memory retention" exercises were a "rude awakening" to me, because I used to be able to "digest" everything I read and tell it back to you, but now it seems like I have to re-read almost every paragraph.

I can tell you're much younger than me, by your spelling of the group's name(It really IS "The Monkees"), but I send you a big ol "bear hug" for following the blog, takin' care of Mom, and keepin' on "The Sunny Side!"

Süße Träume, Schätzlein!

Der Wilhelm! *S*

Anonymous said...

Können Sie sagen bin ich nicht deutsch?

Viel Spaß mit Online-Übersetzer.

Tatsächlich Bill, ich bin der gleichen Alter, sie sind, 59.

Ich war ein großer Fan von "The Monkees". Nur hatte ich ein Gehirn Fart und falsch geschrieben, und ich vermute, dass das gesamte Konzept der sammenhängt ging Recht auf meinem Kopf.

Führen Sie die Besten Sie können mit dem, was sie bekommen haben.

Bear Hug direkt zurück Ya.

Erst später, Becky

Bill Craig said...

Hey Again, Becky

Yeah those online translators can generate some cute sentences, can't they?

I knew you weren't German, but I find it so charming that someone would even attempt to speak it with me, that it's just natural for me to reply that way.

I used to have a girlfriend who would use Babel Fish to speak German with me, and some of the things she would write (of a sexual nature) would have me rolling on the floor in tears of laughter at the translation!

Yeah. I do resemble that Paul Simon song a lot! *S*

Also, the word I was looking for as the "genre" of music used for the Monkees tune was "FUGUE".

Tell 'em what they won, Don Pardo!


In other words, nobody knew it!