Saturday, June 27, 2009

Living In The Country

Loving it!

No more screaming ambulance/rescue sirens calling my name!

No next door neighbors complaining about my amplified guitar music (or sometimes playing my drums!)

No more smelly sewers.

I get to ride my bike (or run) without fear of being hit.

In short, it was good move for my physical, mental and spiritual health. The little church we attend is also out in the country, has a very small membership, and is a very soothing place for me to be - even though me and "The Big Guy" are at odds sometimes! *LOL*

Getting re-acquainted with my in-laws has also been very beneficial to me. My nephew-in-law Jimmy is a realtor and next week we'll be helping getting his float ready for the 4th of July parade.

He had asked me for a suggestion of a theme, and I thought right away we needed an Alzheimer's float with me sitting in the middle, drooling, picking my nose and wetting my pants! *LOL* (None of my in-laws have yet accepted that I have EOAD or why I'm "not acting like it" and laughing about it.

Jimmy is also a pilot, and I told him I had taken my "Discovery Flight" to start my flying lessons when all this came down, so I stopped, "Because after all, who wants to fly with someone who has AD at the controls?"

I laughed my ass off, but I was the only one who laughed that hard! Jimmy and Pat (his wife) do not yet understand my "attitude".

These are the good things in my life right now.

Before I leave you for today, I have one of those "Why is it?" questions for you:

Why is it, that when us guys are asked a question to which we don't know the answer, we sometimes scratch our heads? (Mine actually itches!). I have never seen a woman do that! *LOL*

Did I play you this first song alrady? I don't remember, but it kinda goes with the "theme" of this entry, so please enjoy it again if I have!

The Animal Rescue Site

Remember the fur-babies, and to click to feed and vote! Only 30 more days left!



This isn't the original version (if you want the original, I'll replace this one), but I thought the orchestra gives this song a "fuller" sound. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I just came back to your blog and found you have posted a new comment.

I'm glad that you have found happiness living in the country and have such active persons around you. I also live in the country.

"Why is it, that when us guys are asked a question to which we don't know the answer, we sometimes scratch our heads? (Mine actually itches!). I have never seen a woman do that! *LOL*"

Hmmmm, I'll have to think about this.


Bill Craig said...


Your link says "photo no longer available"?

And I wanted to add: We even have a rooster nearby!

Of course, that little bastard doesn't know he's only supposed to crow when the sun comes up, but that's okay. It's good to hear him and I don't even mind the barking dog!

Music to my ears!


Anonymous said...

Whoops sorry, when I posted the link to the image, it cut it off a bit. So I made it smaller to fit here. Hope this one works. Kinda corny anyway.

I also have a stray chicken that showed up a few years ago. She would come when I fed the ferrell cats and it was so funny to watch the cats eating along with the chicken. They were scared of her and would back off.

When a friend of mine moved in to help me care for my mom, she brought four large dogs with her. We were concerned the dogs would get the chicken, so we started feeding her outside the fence. But she liked to roost at night in one particular tree that was just on the fence line. She would walk the top of the fenceline like a tightrope, teetering, and the dogs would go nuts after her. So we built a series of planks that she can walk on and a ladder to climb to get up the tree. So funny to watch. I made a little video of it.

So fun to exchange silly stories.

Take care of you and yours as best you can.


Bill Craig said...


So much fun, indeed!

I feel like I have a true friend in you and the others who respond here, and THAT is a very GOOD feeling.

Stupid question and I am sorry for asking, but do YOU have a blog/web-page I can visit/join?

Thanks, my friend!


Ttom said...


Glad to read your blog and find out that you are doing well!

Call me sometime.


Bill Craig said...


I will. Things are very unsettled right now, what with moving and all the expenses, but just know that I haven't forgotten my friend.

My e-mail address is still the same and I check it every day, if we can communicate that way for right now?

I expect things to be better after the holiday.

Also expect to know something from the neuro-psych tests.

Thanks for writing, pal.

I hope you and your Jerri are doing well!

Your friend


Anonymous said...

No, don't have a blog or website. I only started learning the computer two and a half years ago when someone gave me their used one. I didn't even know how to turn it on.

I met a guy online from a computer website that helps people with computer problems, and I had plenty. His name is also Bill and he lives in Scotland. We have become good fiends and he is my go to guy for computer tutoring and most other things these days. We've talked about setting up a website where I can put all my stuff in one place for all those interested and family to go to, but for one reason or another we just never got around to that.

I learned how to put videos together and I sort of tell stories that way.

My friend Bill is also a musician, singer, guitarist. He sent me some of his songs and I put them to videos.

I have five videos on YouTube under the name cafresnogirl.

I believe you can relate to this one.

Ok, no more fun for awhile, back to serious business.

Take care, Becky

Bill Craig said...


I went to your videos of Bill's music and was totally blowm away by his voice, playing and the lyrics!

I commented after each of three videos I watched and listened to as well.

You did a wonderful job with the images.

It was a pleasure lisetning to your friend's music and made my whole day!

Thanks for sharing !


Anonymous said...

Ah shucks Bill, thanks so much for the compliments on my videos.

Scottish Bill is so talented in so many ways and I just wanted to show his musical talents to the world, much to his, somewhat, wanting to remain anonymous.

He, like many of us, had his heart broken during a time that he was pursuing music. He had lost his job and couldn't get one right away and his fiancee at the time, left him. In order to try and win her back, he sold most of his equipment to pay some bills. She did come back but in the end left him anyway. He hadn't done much with his music for five years. He is now trying to get some equipment back and is singing and playing again. Just another one that couldn't take the heat in the kitchen.

Anyway, thanks for appreciating and complimenting him on his talent.

I'll be reading, Becky