Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sometimes I Dream I Can Fly

Just me. Just me and my body soaring up in the sky.

Here's how it usually starts:

I'm out running cross-country, and suddenly I'm running downhill and a breeze catches me and just lifts me up, and I just ride it out.

When I feel myself running out of "lift", there's another breeze waiting to catch me, and another and another, so I don't have to land till I want to, and I don't "want to" for a very long time!

But you know what's the strangest thing?

I soar over people, and they are not in the least surprised to see me above them, even when I "buzz" them! They just look up at me and smile and wave!

I think I know why that is.

I think it's because those are the people who know me "intimately" and know what a dreamer I am. They know I am happiest when making others happy, or creating something to make them that way.

That is also why I think I am having these dreams more and more often these days.

It's my mind wanting out of this "cage".

If you have EOAD, do you have dreams of this nature, or do you know of someone who does?

We don't deserve to be imprisoned by our own minds. No one does.

Our wings are just too beautiful and brightly colored.

Please remember the shelter animals. And remember to vote for Paulding Humane Society in The Shelter Challenge!

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Margaret said...

Bill, I often dream that I am flying, it's been the longest continual theme in my dreams.

It started when I was 12 in boarding school. I've flown with wings, in invisible airplanes, on clouds, in garbage cans, on the backs of birds, but mostly just on my own, with my own wings. It's always a wonderful feeling of freedom.

Sorry if I'm drifting from your question. Perhaps you intended to have replies only from people with early onset Alzheimer's.

By the way, I've been voting for the Paulding Humane Society every day, hoping that it pulls out of the 11th place.

Take care,


peacesojourner said...

Hello Bill,

I also have often had dreams of flying which are quite enjoyable, as opposed to dreams of falling which are quite horrible to experience.
By the way, thanks for the video of the Mills Brothers. I had often heard about them but this is my first time actually viewing them. I enjoyed hearing them sing.