Friday, May 15, 2009

Music And Alzheimer's

My thanks to Natalie at for this story from the BBC:

I play guitar, and about a month ago, I found myself really flustered at not being able to tune "string to string". I have a "guitar tuner" loaded on this computer, but dammit, what was suddenly wrong with me that I could no longer do this very simple thing I have done for years???

I finally gave up, but went back a week later and then was able to remember how to tune that way.

Because I know that certain chords go with a certain pitch of my voice, luckily I can still play and sing, but I would hate to forget how.

This video clip gave me pause and made me reflect.....

John Suchet is speaking of his wife Bonnie who has Alzheimer's related dementia. John has written a trilogy of books about Beethoven, my favorite composer, and my friends know me as somewhat of a Beethoven "scholar". I love the "Maestro" and his works, and I wonder if he too, may have had Alzheimer's before we knew it by that name?

Here is the "Moonlight Sonata". May it comfort and soothe you as it does me......

Thanks for the clips Natalie!

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