Friday, May 8, 2009

From A Galaxy, Far, Far Away

Hey Everyone

Taking a few days' break and getting used to a new medication, so this one will be short and sweet.

Here's the update:

Along with the new med (Lamictal) and stopping some of the old ones (Cymbalta and Primadone), I also shaved my beard!

Guys will be able to relate to this: You wanna trim it so you work on one side, take off too much, try to adjust on the other one, then it gets lopsided, till eventually you get all discombulated, say "Aw, EFF it, then!", and just shave the whole thing off and then you feel all cold and shit, right?

Okay, just another reminder to please help my shelter, Paulding Humane Society win the "Shelter Challenge" contest. (20 k dollars), by clicking the link below, then clicking the "feed an animal link) and then voting in the shelter challenge.

I just checked, and my shelter is number 11 in our state and we need to do better if we expect to win this thing. Please remember to click every day from the link provided, okay? May be a good activity to do on Sunday when visiting all your Moms. Send all the family members home with instructions on how to do it, okay? Thanks!

The Animal Rescue Site

Ad since it is Mother's Day this Sunday. I wish all my friends who are "Muthas" a very happy and peaceful day!

Y'all knew I was a little "warped" right? *LOL*

Anybody like Primus?

Okay, I didn't realize the quality of that cute video was so bad, so I came back in to let you enjoy this one as well:

I hope you can follow the words, if you're not a Primus fan!

I WISH I could play fast bass like Les Claypool, Dude!. Maybe if the Parkinson's gets worse, reckon?




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