Monday, May 11, 2009

A Coupla Things

Thing 1: Sunday we had 155 hits on my blog, and I have to believe that at least 80% of those were in support of the Paulding Humane Society's effort to win the grant for their shelter, so thank you VERY MUCH, and please continue to click and do one more thing for me and the animals? E-mail just one person and ask them to do the same. Man! I just know we can do this! Here, if you need it, is the link once more:

The Animal Rescue Site

ERROR CORRECTION: The Shelter Challenge ends midnight, July 26th, NOT the 29th as previously stated. Sorry for the mistake, y'all! It's the only one I have ever made! ;)

Thing 2: As y'all know, I'm a Straight Doper, and this morning I started a very interesting thread called "Ask The Guy With Early Onset Alzheimer's", and there have been some VERY intersting questions asked, and I'd like to encourage y'all to do the same. Here's the link for that .

Thing 3: "Here's A Little Song I Wrote" (and recorded)! Thanks to my good friend Zipper JJ from the Dope for helping me get it loaded on YouTube. It's kinda "rough" for a first effort, but since I have been playing other peoples' videos, I wanted to share this one with you!




Misty said...

I love the song! It's such a paradox, but I really dig the happy blues style. The chord progressions are classic blues, but the vibe of the piece is just really cool and fun. Thanks for sharing that with us; once again you made my day. :)

Take care, okay?

Bill Craig said...


Thanks, dear. You made MINE! The song is really autobiographical, occurring at a time when I was pretty pissed off, so look at it with an eye on satire as well, okay?

While in college, I majored in English, and just about every essay I was assigned, I did in a satirical vein.

Dr. Garmon, my English prof, once wrote on one of my papers, "Mr. Craig, do you know any OTHER style????"

Many moons ago, while in radio, we did a take on an old Elvis song. See if you can tell from one of the lines what it might have been:

"Everybody on the wholesale block, was dancin' to the retail rock!"

The whole song was a parody about outrageous markups in pricing.

Thanks for the compliment, Misty!


Janice said...

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Janice and my husband has an early onset vascular dementia called Binswangers Disease. He is 60 and unfortunately had to be placed last year. We have a 19 year old daughter and I too am blogging about our experiences amongst other things. Looking back he had been experiencing symptoms for at least the last 10 years(that is when he had the psychological testing that said he either had residual damage from the strokes or some type of early onset Alzheimers)of course we assumed it was from the strokes.
Anyways.....nice to meet you. Thank you for allowing me to share in your experience for a better understanding of life on the other side of this disease.

Misty said...

Satire + Jailhouse Rock = WIN!!

I listen to enough music to know that not every song has some deeper meaning (although some do) so I tend to not look for a meaning unless I know one is there. Upon first listen, I just enjoy the piece for what it is. (And it happens to be a real toe-tapper!)

Bill Craig said...

Welcome to the blog, Janice.

I'm afraid I must admit to ignorance of Binswanger's, but I intend to remedy that right away.

Best wishes for your husband and thank you and your daughter for your strength!

Again, welcome, and may the blog give you some smiles. I have a very wacky sense of humor and they say that is the "last to go".

I just made that up.*LOL* I don't really know who "THEY" are, but I truly believe that when I do "go" on that trip across Styx, someone will inherit that sense of humor like a soul. Hope so anyway.

Thank God for wives and mothers! Us men wouldn't know where we'd be without them, and I do not mean that to be satirical. I mean it to be true: You, Janice, and so many others, have the instinct to nurture and CARE, and that is a gift God gives very carefully.

Thanks once again for joining the blog, and may I link to yours, please?



Bill Craig said...

Yep! You WIN, Misty! How cool is THAT???? Your last or middle name wouldn't happen to be "Lee" would it?

I do enjoy your very thoughtful comments, and love reading them, so please don't stop, okay?

Got questions? ASK!



Beth said...

Well THAT was friggin' Awesome!!! I must comment on the bust of Beethoven on the Base drum... what a nice touch.. for two reasons, a. most because he could feel them, and b, because that is a symbol that is unique to you. Great singing BTW. I was blown away!

Bill Craig said...

Thanks Bethie,

It won't ever make Casey Kasem's "American Top 40", but making my own recording is something I have always wanted to do.

Next up: An old Roger Miller tune,
"Walkin' In The Sunshine".....

Thanks again, Love