Monday, May 25, 2009

Bill Is Gonna be MIA For A Few Days, Kids!

Had to make a trip to the ER this am for kidney stones, so I need a few days off, because this pain is so horrible when I pee, that it makes me wanna re-arrange the plumbing.

Thanks for understanding and please don't forget about me, okay?




Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,
Hope it's a "quick pass". Just what you need right now!
Worried about you, hang tight.

Margaret said...

Hi Bill,
My Guy says that he sympathizes, kidney stones are Hell. Get well soon!
Take care, and when you get this one passed, be sure to drink plenty of water every day.

Beth said...

OOO Yucky. Kidney stones SUCK out loud. Feel Better Soon and I hope they give you good drugs