Friday, May 29, 2009

"I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight"

Who said that?

Douglas MacArthur, right?


It was the 18th century US Naval captain John Paul Jones who said that, to a suggestion of surrender by the captain of the British vessel Serapis

Here's something else attributed to the Revolutionary war hero:

"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way.".

Yeee-Haaw! Sounds like I might've liked to serve with this man.

"So what's this got to do with you, Bill? You're no John Paul Jones", you must be saying to yourselves.

Hell, I know that!

Some things in my life have and are changing pretty fast, and it made me look up that quote after I said the following words to myself;

"Well, it has been an interesting life, hasn't it? No one can ever say that Bill Craig never pushed the "envelope" to its fullest!"

Okay, as you're getting settled in for some interesting reading, let me update you on a few things:


Not getting any better, I'm afraid: mentally or physically.

To wit:

1. I found out I have an embedded kidney stone. That means it's sittin' there in the kidney and is making a little ass of itself by infecting me and causing me to spill blood into my urine. if it doesn't turn loose (not likely) it will have to be pulverized (lithotripsied) or they'll cut into me. We shall see.

Meantime I have to pee a lot, sometimes in a trickly slow stream, which burns like hell and I have to do it sitting down so that it will come out at all. (They make jokes about guys like me on Saturday Night Live - no kidding!)

2. I am retaining fluid on the right side of my body. Just the right side, the left is normal. Bloodwork's been done, just haven't heard back. Something like this could lead to CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), so let's hope it doesn't come to that.

3. I think I told y'all I was hearing voices, right? Well, that is still going on, but now we have the added entertainment of Bill hearing the phone ring when it really isn't, and answering it as if it had. I also find myself having conversations with what's going on on television.


1. Got some legal stuff coming up that I canot comment on at present, but rest assured I will have my "day in court", and in the words of The Stray Cats, "I'm gonna rock this town!"

Ummmm, I can tell you that this concerns nothing felonious, okay? Feel better now?

2. We're coming into the "home stretch" with my SSDI (Social Security Disablity Income), and I hope to know something in a month. Please keep your fingers crossed that at that time I will still be able to enjoy using the money!

3. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. I'm getting married tomorrow.

Sorry I've been MIA for a while, but please remember the animals, and remember to feed to click and then click to vote for Paulding Humane Society in the "20K Shelter Challenge".

Here's the button, for all my "Lazy-Butts"! *S*

The Animal Rescue Site

I love y'all. Hang in there with me, okay? I'm not going anywhere!!!!!!!!!



Monday, May 25, 2009

Bill Is Gonna be MIA For A Few Days, Kids!

Had to make a trip to the ER this am for kidney stones, so I need a few days off, because this pain is so horrible when I pee, that it makes me wanna re-arrange the plumbing.

Thanks for understanding and please don't forget about me, okay?



Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Was It I Wrote About "The Truth"?

What was it I wrote, Kids?

Did I reference a bible quote?

Did I write "I will be honest, sometimes brutally so. John 8:32: "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Did I write that????

Yes, I did.

I wrote that.

And I never ever BLUFF, so don't EVER lay down your cards thinking I might, because I will have the Jack and Queen of Hearts pissing in both your ears SIMULTANEOUSLY, and I WILL make them smile and laugh as it happens!

A lot of things are going to be happening VERY FAST from here on out, and the truth WILL be told, because the person telling the TRUTH has absolutely NOTHING to gain or lose!

The person telling the truth is dying, so hide and watch!

And go home and cry.

Go home and cry.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

For "The 24", For The "Bike Journalists", And For The Pet Lovers

Every now and then, I like to just tell people how much they mean to me, and maybe just for that one time not carry any kind of a "heavy message".

This would qualify as one of those times.

Just a silly song sent to me by one of my cycling friends on, and meant to thank you, Dear Reader, for following the blog - whether or not you do so on a regular basis.

This is also an opportunity for you to make suggestions as to how I can improve the blog.

I want to hear from you! If 24 of you care enough to follow me, then I have to think there are at least twice that many more who do not post, and with an average of 100 hits a day - well, that's just " FAARRRRRR Out!" - John Denver.

Have some fun with this one, and notice the one bike with the "wobbly wheel"!

Please remember the shelter pets! Wednesdays are not good days at my animal shelter. We try to save as many as possible, but we cannot save them all.

Remember: They don't understand!
The Animal Rescue Site

Bert and I send our love.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sometimes I Dream I Can Fly

Just me. Just me and my body soaring up in the sky.

Here's how it usually starts:

I'm out running cross-country, and suddenly I'm running downhill and a breeze catches me and just lifts me up, and I just ride it out.

When I feel myself running out of "lift", there's another breeze waiting to catch me, and another and another, so I don't have to land till I want to, and I don't "want to" for a very long time!

But you know what's the strangest thing?

I soar over people, and they are not in the least surprised to see me above them, even when I "buzz" them! They just look up at me and smile and wave!

I think I know why that is.

I think it's because those are the people who know me "intimately" and know what a dreamer I am. They know I am happiest when making others happy, or creating something to make them that way.

That is also why I think I am having these dreams more and more often these days.

It's my mind wanting out of this "cage".

If you have EOAD, do you have dreams of this nature, or do you know of someone who does?

We don't deserve to be imprisoned by our own minds. No one does.

Our wings are just too beautiful and brightly colored.

Please remember the shelter animals. And remember to vote for Paulding Humane Society in The Shelter Challenge!

The Animal Rescue Site



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TMI! *Whooosh* TMI! *Whooosh* !

Y'all know what those two "terms" mean, right?

For those who may not know:

1. TMI = Too much information

2. Whooosh = Not an abbreviation, but a euphemism meaning "That went 'right over the top of my head", Dude!"

Heretofore, "TMI" has been used to describe inappropriate comments; (i.e. "Hey guys , come here and let me tell ya's what me and Jodie did last night!" in detail!"), but in this instance, I am going to use it to describe verbatim what it means, and I am also going to use the word whooosh (onamotopaeic) to describe the speed with which "TMI" 'flies' over your head!

All I did was google the words "Alzheimer's related terminology" and this is what came up!

I highlighted/bolded "diagnoses/symptoms from the other words just to show how "muddled" a conversation between a physician and the caregiver (s) can become/

acetylcholine: A neurotransmitter in the brain that is in low supply in people with Alzheimer's disease.

agnosia: An impairment of sensory perception.

amyloid precursor protein (APP): A normal brain protein that, when fragmented under certain circumstances, produces beta-amyloid.

aphasia: An impairment in the ability to use language.

apolipoprotein E (ApoE): A cholesterol-carrying protein that may be involved in Alzheimer's disease.

apraxia: An impairment in motor skills and coordination.

beta-amyloid: An abnormal protein deposited in the brain in Alzheimer's disease.

catastrophic reaction
: Strong emotional reaction to a minor event.

cholinergic neurons: Nerve cells that produce acetylcholine.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: A rare, rapidly progressive dementia caused by an infectious agent known as a prion.

delirium: Mental impairment with altered consciousness.

: Impairment of memory and other cognitive abilities.

dopamine: A neurotransmitter in the brain involved in the regulation of movement.

excitotoxins: Brain chemicals that in excessive amounts can damage neurons.

free radicals: Reactive molecules that can damage tissue.

frontotemporal lobar degeneration: A brain disorder that can cause dementia, aphasia, neurotic behavior, and gradual changes in personality and emotional control.

Huntington's disease: An inherited disorder characterized by involuntary writhing movements and dementia.

infarct: An area of dead or dying tissue caused by lack of circulation.

limbic system: An area of the brain containing the amygdala and hippocampus; involved in memory and emotions.

mild cognitive impairment: A condition in which memory or, less commonly, another cognitive function is below normal but does not interfere with daily functioning. Considered a transitional state between normal forgetfulness and dementia.

neuritic plaques: Clumps of degenerating neuronal axons and dendrites surrounding an amyloid core that are found in Alzheimer's disease.

neurofibrillary tangles: Abnormal twisted fibers inside neurons in Alzheimer's disease.

neurons: Nerve cells, such as those in the brain.

neurotransmitters: Chemicals that transmit nerve impulses from one neuron to another.

normal-pressure hydrocephalus
: A condition characterized by an excess of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain; can cause symptoms of dementia, loss of bladder control, and difficulty walking.

Parkinson's disease: A movement disorder resulting from dopamine deficiency; dementia occurs in 15%–20% of cases.

plaques: See neuritic plaques.

prion: The smallest known infectious agent; unlike a virus or bacterium, it's made up entirely of protein and contains no nucleic acid.

serotonin: A neurotransmitter in the brain that's involved in regulating sleep and sensory perception. A lack of serotonin has been linked to depression.

sundowning: The appearance or worsening of behavior problems in the evening.

tangles: See neurofibrillary tangles.

tardive dyskinesia: Involuntary writhing movements of the facial muscles and tongue caused by high doses of antipsychotic drugs over long periods of time.

vascular cognitive impairment: Dementia caused by numerous infarcts, caused by a series of tiny strokes. Also called vascular dementia and multi-infarct dementia.

Whatcha wanna bet that this is just "the tip of the iceberg"?

So what am I saying?

I am saying that there's too many "windmills" for our Don Quixote to tilt at!

"So, Doc, our Mom's got Alzheimer's right?"

We're asking Congress and the President to do something they have no idea what it is they should be doing. Dude!

They (we) are in a stage called "Information Overload!", and just like those California wildfires, they keep throwing "solutions" at the problem and are (like cartoon characters) saying "I'll save you, Nell!" as 'Nell' is being tied to the railroad tracks by "Snidely ECONO - WHIPLASH!"

Oh Noes!!!!!!!!



We need to pull all our resources and concerns together and present them correctly!

They don't KNOW "Early Onset"!!!!!

They are not HEARING it that way !!!!

All they know is "Alzheimer's Disease".

Case in point:

"Early Onset" Muscular Dystrophy!!!!!!!!!!!!"!

"Huh? Never even hurrdodatt!"

Neither have I, kids!!!

I always thought "Muscular Dystrophy"

I know, I know.

"Apples and Oranges", right, Bill?

Factor in "John Q. Public", and suddenly you have a very tough row to hoe, my brothers and sisters.

We hit 'em too hard and too fast. With too much.

They're confused.

Prove me wrong.



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today Is a Very SPECIAL Day!

It is special because for the very first time since I began writing this blog, we have averaged 100 hits a day.

I realize there are other blogs more popular than this one, which go "off the charts" with their numbers, but I am especially gratified to know that y'all are reading and getting some "insight" into what my life is like with EOAD.

Hopefully, you have also smiled or even laughed at what was written, because that has been my intent all along: to "entertain as well as educate" , and that's why I include the music videos every now and then.

After serving in the US Air Force, one of my first jobs was working as a DJ at a radio station in Carrollton Georgia, and I really enjoyed playing the music and entertaining my audience.


Thanks for "hanging out" here and caring enough to read my words and learning about Alzheimer's Disease.

I have a small bottle of "Sekt" (a mix of sparkling wine and champagne available only in Europe - or at a very high price here in the USA), and I'm gonna pop the cork and drink a toast to all of YOU!

Thank you very much!


Please remember to feed the "fur-babies" and to vote for Paulding Humane Society in the "Shelter Challenge"

The Animal Rescue Site

Thanks to my friend and cycling Club Hypoxia teammate siouxgeonz for linking me to this very beautiful song called, "The Touch of The Master's Hand"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Who Are You : Chapter Two - The Hunt For The Easter Bunny

It was a cold and rainy Easter Sunday morning, and my friend Harald (I didn't play with just Ilona and Marion!) decided that once and for all, we were going to find "Der Osterhase" (the Easter bunny), so I met him outside of his house (just 3 up from us at 23 Litzelau)at 5 am, and warmly dressed (we thought) and booted, we set out on our mission to find this animal which could lay such colorful eggs, capture him and bring him back for all to see!

We had packed some sandwiches, an apple, and some "Müller Milch" ("Alles Müller oder was?" - "everything Müller or what?" was the advertising slogan for this banana or strawberry flavored milk) along with a few cubes of Ahoj "Brause", which was a type of candy which provided quick energy and effervesced in your mouth, similar to what kids here in the States used to eat out of a straw as a sweet, fruit-flavored powder.

Do you have Google Earth?

If so, you can find our emabarkation point.

Simply enter:

1. Germany
2. Karlsruhe
3. Knielingen
4. Litzelau Strasse 26

And then zoom in. You should then see the very last house on the left-hand side of the street adjoined by the Sports Park with the "Fussball" field. That is where I lived.

If not, take a look here:

See the green arrow? That's our starting point.

Use your cursor and go south across the railroad tracks, across the Autobahn (!) and in that big thick area (which used to be mostly woods) is where two little 6 year old boys were headed to find that "dwatted wabbit" and find out how he could lay so many eggs and get them hidden in such a short time.

Because we hunted eggs right after church, we figured he made his "deliveries" at night, and would be back in his "hidey-hole" where we could catch him sleeping.

This is the point at which everyone's supposed to say, "Yeah, right!".

So we skip church. We are, after all, two young intrepid hunters out to capture the Easter bunny, and everyone was going to be so proud of us that they'd forget all about us missing church and have a parade, and give us all kinds of neat stuff!

Holding hands, we made our way up the hill across the tracks, across the main thoroughfare ("Autobahn") and into the dense forest.

Because of where Germany lies latitude- and - longitudinally. it gets light right about 5 - 5:30, but that morning the skies were overcast, it was drizzling rain and it was hard to see, but still - we had come this far, and we were not about to turn back now.

When I wrote "dense forest", I wasn't just being colorful with my writing. This was 1955, and this land had yet to be developed, and once we entered, those trees pretty much cut out all but a little bit of daylight.

So, still holding hands so we wouldn't lose each other, we began our search.

And we walked.

And walked.

And shivered from the cold rain which had now turned to sleet.

Soaking wet, we continued on our quest. Deeper and deeper into the forest.

Of course we saw some rabbits, but these couldn't be the Easter bunny! All the chocolate bunnies we were used to, if you looked at them in their packages with colorful trees and bushes all around, meant that this guy had to be huge! Yes, we were only 6, but we knew (somehow) to imagine him scaled to his surroundings!

We lost all track of time. When we entered the forest we could still hear the church bells ringing, but now there was only the sound of the wind and the sleet hitting the trees.

We sat down and ate one of our sandwiches and drank some of our milk.

We looked at each other, and realized we were probably lost.

"Haraldele?", I said.

note: this is a "nuance" of the German language. His name is Harald, yes, but as a "term of endearment" or nickname if you will, we sometimes add the "ele" at the end, kinda like you calling me "Billy" instead of "Bill". For girls, the suffix would be "chen" as in Ilonachen, got it?

(This dialogue is in German, but I am translating it for you)

"Ja, Billy?"

"Whose idea was this?"

"It was your idea!"

"Ach, nein! I distinctly remember the argument we got into at the Spielplatz ("playground") with the other boys and girls and you were the one who insisted there was an Easter bunny, and he does lay all those eggs, remember? You even told Horst, you would prove it to him!"

"I do not remember it that way, Billy!"

"But you said it! I know you did!

"Did not!"

"Did too!"



(Does any of this sound familiar?)

Then, as little boys are wont to to do, we began to fight.

And we fought.

And we slid down and skinned our knees.

And we fought some more.

Until we were both so tired we fell into each other's arms and started crying.

"Wir haben den Weg verloren, Billy!" ("We've lost our way, Billy")

"Ja, ich weiss, Haraldele."

So we stood up, cleaned each other off as best we could, ate the rest of our food and began to make our way back - this time arm in arm.

One of the things German children are taught very early on, are to listen for the church bells. They all toll every half hour and every hour.

So that was the plan: we would walk in a straight line, as close as possible to the way we had come and listen for the church bells and keep our eyes peeled for a steeeple.

We walked and walked, and soon our little bellies began to grumble, for we had eaten all our food and drank all our milk. We had come to the conclusion that we were going to die anyway, so why hoard the goodies?

We were either going to die or get eaten by that damn cannibalistic witch in Hansel und Gretel, so what the hell?

So we walked some more. And cried and snuffled some more. And began to cough and sneeze.

Neither of us realized it, but we were succumbing to the elements and were catching pneumonia, and in 1955 Germany, you could still die from it.

By that time, we were so exhausted we just sat in the wet, sleety grass and held on to each other for warmth.

Finally, the rain and sleet stopped, and we just laid there, by now too exhausted to move.

In Germany, ambulances, fire-trucks and police cars all make the same sound: "Deeeee-Doooooo, Deeee-Dooooo, Deeee-Dooooo", and through the fog of our exhaustion that's what we both heard.

We stood up and holding each other made our way toward where we thought that sound had come from, and soon arrived at the edge of the forest, (we later found out it was 8 miles further south than where we had entered) where we met up with some forest rangers, who were getting ready to enter the forest looking for us.

Unbeknownst to us, police and forest rangers had been looking for us most of the day and it was now 5 in the evening and getting dark.

We both had pneumonia and Harald almost died from it, but we both recovered and when we were good and healthy, we were given the beating of our young lives. We survived that too.


No Easter bunny, no Easter eggs (that year) and to this day Harald and I are two old men still arguing over whose idea it was!

So ends Chapter Two. Still to come: Billy falls into an open cesspool and almost drowns in "it", and running away to the Kaserne ("Army Base") to see my Daddy.

The Animal Rescue Site

Music And Alzheimer's

My thanks to Natalie at for this story from the BBC:

I play guitar, and about a month ago, I found myself really flustered at not being able to tune "string to string". I have a "guitar tuner" loaded on this computer, but dammit, what was suddenly wrong with me that I could no longer do this very simple thing I have done for years???

I finally gave up, but went back a week later and then was able to remember how to tune that way.

Because I know that certain chords go with a certain pitch of my voice, luckily I can still play and sing, but I would hate to forget how.

This video clip gave me pause and made me reflect.....

John Suchet is speaking of his wife Bonnie who has Alzheimer's related dementia. John has written a trilogy of books about Beethoven, my favorite composer, and my friends know me as somewhat of a Beethoven "scholar". I love the "Maestro" and his works, and I wonder if he too, may have had Alzheimer's before we knew it by that name?

Here is the "Moonlight Sonata". May it comfort and soothe you as it does me......

Thanks for the clips Natalie!

Please don't forget to "feed" the shelter pets and vote for Paulding Humane!

The Animal Rescue Site

Thank you


Who Are You???? Chapter One

After 150 entries in this blog, it occurs to me that we don't really know each other, Dear Reader.

Since realizing my dementia has me staring Death in the face, I thought of writing my memoirs, and since I am sharing this portion of my life with you, why not share it all?

First, a few words about my style of writing:

1. You may see some words capitalized which English grammar rules do not require

2. You may read some "slang" terms, and by that I don't mean "curse-words", I mean words which mimic the way I speak if I were actually speaking to you. For example: "wanna" for "want to". (Of course you may see the "salty" slang as well)

3. I may slip from one "person" to another (1st to 3rd for example)

4. I may use my native language (German) where I deem it appropriate. In that case, I will provide a translation for you, if the word isn't obvious ("Gesundheit" would be such a word. Literally translated, it means simply, health, and further, in Germany, it's an abbreviated way of saying "Good health to you!")

5. I will have no one but myself to proofread what I write, so all sentence structure, spelling, etc. mistakes will be my own. Since I majored in English, I will try my best to keep these to a minimum.

6. I will be honest, sometimes brutally so. John 8:32: "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

7. There will be no emoticons, nor will there be "substitute" emoticons such as *S* or *LOL*

8. My memoirs will be written as "chapters" or "installments", and will not run consecutively

9. There will be music. I am a musician, a writer and a poet and it is part of who I am. I forgot who said it, but there's an old saw which goes something like this: "I suffered for my art. Now it's your turn!"

10. And finally, there may be "edits", just in case I forget something. In that case, I will reprint that segment using the word "edited"

Before I begin, let me just state that since beginning this blog, it has been therapy, it has been painful (yes, to the point of tears, sometimes), but most of all it has been revealing, forcing me to take a long hard look at the soul which lives inside the person known as Arthur William "Bill" Craig.....

...... who was born December 31st, 1949 in Karlsruhe, Germany to an American Father, William Arthur Craig, and a German Mother, Anita Helene Kühn (pronounced "Q-en").

I was delivered by my grandfather, Robert Willi Kühn, who, I have to assume, had done this kind of thing before.

As one might surmise I was what was called an "Army Brat", and my family were "nomads", travelling all over Germany - wherever my Father was stationed, post World War II.

My earliest memories begin at age 5, living in a tiny apartment at Litzelau Strasse 26, in Knielingen, a kind of "suburb" of Karlsruhe. We lived at the end of the street with the family Kohler: Herbert, Anni and their two daughters, Ilona and Marion. To the best of my recollection, Herbert worked as a miner and Anni was a "housewife".

Herbert loved and played Fussball (soccer) and was considered a very fine Goaltender, although I am not sure if he ever played professionally with the Karlsruhe team.

Ilona, Marion and I became very close playmates, and it would be unusual indeed to see one of us without the other two.

My childhood memories are kinda "spotty" but what I do remember, I remember fondly and in great detail, so let's begin with one of my favorite memories: Christmas.

A German Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, and traditionally the family attends evening church services, and after a delicious meal (including goose) presents are exchanged.

These presents aren't delivered by Santa Claus (Der Weihnachtsmann), but by The Christ Child.

Now, you can look all over the net and do a search on that word, but suffice it to say that the Christ Child is no one but Jesus in his childhood years.

While Sankt Nikolaus ("St. Nicholas") does represent Christmas as he does here, it is the Christ Child who mysteriously brings the presents and lays them under the tree while the family is at worship.

Note: I don't really want to get into an argument with any of you about Santa, or the Christ Child, okay? Tbis is MY story told from MY point of view.

The Christmas "season" doesn't last as long in Germany as it does here in the US, and to me, that's good. If you ever get the chance to visit my homeland, I hope that you may do so during this season, because a German Christmas is truly magical, what with the colorful "Kristkindlmarkts" (literally translated as the "Christ Child Markets", but known popularly by this term to describe the little booths from which vendors sell their arts and crafts, delicious foods and my personal favorite: Glühwein (mulled wine).

So ends Chapter One.

Please remember the shelter pets! Feed 'em and vote!

The Animal Rescue Site



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not A Good Day

More like a "sleepy" day. I wonder if it could be the Lamictal beginning to work on my system, or maybe it's just one more symptoms Of EOAD. Hard to tell, I think.

I do have a link I'd like to share with you, it is called Natalie gathers up any and all news regarding dementia (i.e. Alzheimer's) and logs it on her site. Check it out.

Also, don't forget the shelter pets. They need feeding and Paulding Humane Society needs your vote for the $20,000.00 Shelter Challenge.

Here's the link once more:

The Animal Rescue Site

Remember to tell someone else about this and have them feed and vote as well. In the last three days we have had hits in the 160's on this blog and that has been a record. We now average 85 hits a day so far this month, and that ain't too shabby for this little German Georgia "redneck" *LOL*

Okay, since I'm not feeling up to "snuff", let's have a little fun anyway. Some of y'all may remember this one from a few years ago, and don't blame me if you get an "earbug" from it! *S* Remember the warning at the gate? "Yes I understand and wish to continue"?

Have a great evening and thanks for thinking of me and helping the shelter animals!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Bike Journal Friends......

.... have been truly awesome in their efforts to help me help my shelter pets.

Because of my problems with balancing, I haven't been able to ride my beloved Trek 1000 lately. I am hoping that one of the many meds I am taking will correct that soon, but that's not what I wanted to tell you.....

What I wanted to tell you, is that those wonderful people on Bike Journal wanted to pitch in together and buy me a trike, so I wouldn't have to worry about the balancing.

What a wonderful gesture Fredwina and all the others who were ready to pitch in, and I thank you all SO MUCH for thinking of me so kindly.

But (you knew there was one coming, right? *LOL*)...... I'd much rather that money went to the animals and my shelter, and that is what is going to happen. So Paulding Humane, if you're watching this blog, look for some money coming in soon from my friends at

Also, BJ'ers? Please know that I am fighting this thing tooth and nail, and will till my last dying breath. I'm getting back on the Trek, count on it!

Okay, speaking of....... I just checked the standings on The Shelter Challenge and we are STILL at number 10 in our state. We have until July 26th to git'er done, and since this blog is now international, there is absolutely NO reason that cannot happen.

Here's what we've done so far:

1. Everyone reading the blog clicks daily from all computers available (very important - you can click once a day on one computer, but if you have several in your office, use them! As long as they have a different IP address, you're cool)

2. Hopefully those who have clicked have called and/or e-mailed someone you know and given them instructions on how to help the shelter

3. The Straight Dopers and the Bike Journalists are onboard.

4. My friend Helga in Australia is gettin 'er done!

So a couple more things, please?

5. Ask that person you e-mail to do the same and e-mail someone else, and

6. Link to www.the animal in all your e-mails.

Here, for your convenience, is the link to the site once again:

The Animal Rescue Site

And my Alzheimer's thread on Straight Dope

the link for that is here. Some very intelligent questions are being asked, so take a look and if you have any of your own......well, you know what to do, right? ASK!!!! *S*

I shamelessly stole the following poem from, on which a poster shamelessly stole it from the Paulding Humane Society's website. We hereby admit unconditionally to our misdeed, and volunteer our services to help the animals for as long as both shall live. Amen. *S*

The Life of A Shelter Dog
By Augusta DeLisi

He was a typical dog abandoned all alone
never had a human he could call his own.
He was left on the streets and was beaten and hurt,
always had to dodge cars so he stayed very alert.

He dreamed of being loved and living in a caring place
with a kind, gentle human that would enjoy getting licked on the face.
One day a lady found him and brought him to the pound.
He was scared and frightened of all the barking dogs around.

He wagged his tail every time someone came by his kennel,
in a way to say "Pick me, I'm the dog for you"
but all the people just walked by,
he knew his dream would not come true.

He sat in his cage as the days passed him by.
Another day came, it was his turn to die.
The dog warden came with a leash held in hand.
She had tears in her eyes, he did not understand.

He walked up to greet her, his tail wagging fast.
Was as friendly as could be, despite his rough past.
As she walked him into a room he knew something was not right,
she told him she was sorry, then hugged him real tight.

He then looked at her with his trusting brown eyes,
because of careless people this dog had to die.
He would have made a wonderful friend.
Just another of God's gifts whose life had to end.

The dog wagged his tail as he walked through Heaven's gate.
He now had a home, He no longer had to wait.


And here's your song with a bit of trivia: Did you know Carole King wrote this tune for her dog?

Yep. I cried-ed! *S*

Love you guys!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Although this blog is about me, I would not be writing it if it weren't for this wonderful organization and how they have helped me, so I have been remiss in speaking of them in this blog, and I'd like to correct that now, if I may.

Chances are, you know someone or of someone, who has the disease. Being that every 72 seconds an Alzheimer's diagnosis is made, odds are that you do, and if you do, please put them in touch with the nearest Alzheimer's chapter. You'd be surprised at how much they are doing with so little funding.

The best thing I could have done for myself was to seek out my local chapter, and find my counsellor, Suzette. Yes, I began this blog way before going to that first meeting, but it was that first meeting which strengthened my resolve to continue it, and continue to learn about the symptoms so that at least I can answer questions intelligently.

So again, if you or someone you know needs help, go to, find the map click on your state and find your nearest local chapter. There is little enough help and funding, so please avail yourself of what there is. They are there for you!

I have some very exciting news to share! This blog has been linked to by Natalie and her very fine site at and we'd like to return that kindness, so look for a link in the gateway of my blog.

Natalie, thank you very much for your kind words, and our very best wishes for your Dad. He must be very proud of such a devoted daughter!

On to other "bidness"......

Monday, this blog logged 162 clicks and today we are already up to 103 and here in Georgia it's onll just after 4 pm. THAT IS AfrigginSTOUNDING (don't you just love the way some folks can make up a whole new word by inserting some slang?????*LOL*) for a weekday, and I have to think (again) that at least 80% of the folks who clicked on the blog also clicked on......

The Animal Rescue Site


Paulding Humane Society is once again in the TOP TEN. Number TEN, Baby!

Here's some music to get y'all motivated to move us all the way to number EINZ!

"Be kind to your four-footed friends, 'cause a dog may be somebody's mother......"

(Just made that up right here on the spot!) *S*

What a great couple of days! Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for helping the animals and my shelter. Please remember to KEEP ONNNN CLICKIN', because we can do this thing, and y'all are doing me a great honor with your kindness.

I heard this one on one of my frequent trips home to Germany. It's especially for the ladies. Enjoy!

Thanks, as always


Monday, May 11, 2009

A Coupla Things

Thing 1: Sunday we had 155 hits on my blog, and I have to believe that at least 80% of those were in support of the Paulding Humane Society's effort to win the grant for their shelter, so thank you VERY MUCH, and please continue to click and do one more thing for me and the animals? E-mail just one person and ask them to do the same. Man! I just know we can do this! Here, if you need it, is the link once more:

The Animal Rescue Site

ERROR CORRECTION: The Shelter Challenge ends midnight, July 26th, NOT the 29th as previously stated. Sorry for the mistake, y'all! It's the only one I have ever made! ;)

Thing 2: As y'all know, I'm a Straight Doper, and this morning I started a very interesting thread called "Ask The Guy With Early Onset Alzheimer's", and there have been some VERY intersting questions asked, and I'd like to encourage y'all to do the same. Here's the link for that .

Thing 3: "Here's A Little Song I Wrote" (and recorded)! Thanks to my good friend Zipper JJ from the Dope for helping me get it loaded on YouTube. It's kinda "rough" for a first effort, but since I have been playing other peoples' videos, I wanted to share this one with you!



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Re: Post From 4.28.09. Blog About My Shelter

This should have posted on 4.28.09, but I clicked DRAFT instead of PUBLISH, so it didn't get on.

Since then Paulding Humane has slipped to #12 in The Shelter Challenge, but I am still optimistic that we can do this. We have until July 29th, so let's ummmmm.......
"git'er done!" *LOL*

Here again is the link which will take you to the site where you can "feed and vote"

The Animal Rescue Site

There's a place on the site where you can have an e-mail reminder sent to you to click every day, so why not do that and avoid all this bowing and scraping from me? *LOL*

My thanks to my friend and fellow "git-picker", Johnny LA and all the other Straight Dopers for helping us help them!


We're gettin' there! PLEASE do it for the critters! They LOVE us.

Come on Australia! Come on World!

It's NOT their FAULT, and we have to save as many as possible!

WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Friday, May 8, 2009

From A Galaxy, Far, Far Away

Hey Everyone

Taking a few days' break and getting used to a new medication, so this one will be short and sweet.

Here's the update:

Along with the new med (Lamictal) and stopping some of the old ones (Cymbalta and Primadone), I also shaved my beard!

Guys will be able to relate to this: You wanna trim it so you work on one side, take off too much, try to adjust on the other one, then it gets lopsided, till eventually you get all discombulated, say "Aw, EFF it, then!", and just shave the whole thing off and then you feel all cold and shit, right?

Okay, just another reminder to please help my shelter, Paulding Humane Society win the "Shelter Challenge" contest. (20 k dollars), by clicking the link below, then clicking the "feed an animal link) and then voting in the shelter challenge.

I just checked, and my shelter is number 11 in our state and we need to do better if we expect to win this thing. Please remember to click every day from the link provided, okay? May be a good activity to do on Sunday when visiting all your Moms. Send all the family members home with instructions on how to do it, okay? Thanks!

The Animal Rescue Site

Ad since it is Mother's Day this Sunday. I wish all my friends who are "Muthas" a very happy and peaceful day!

Y'all knew I was a little "warped" right? *LOL*

Anybody like Primus?

Okay, I didn't realize the quality of that cute video was so bad, so I came back in to let you enjoy this one as well:

I hope you can follow the words, if you're not a Primus fan!

I WISH I could play fast bass like Les Claypool, Dude!. Maybe if the Parkinson's gets worse, reckon?




Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alzheimer's Series Coming Up!

Beginning this Sunday, HBO will air a powerful documentary about Alzheimer’s disease. Aiming to bring a new understanding of the disease, THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT features a four-part documentary series, 15 short supplemental films, a robust website, and a nationwide community-based information and outreach campaign. A book published by Public Affairs Books was developed by the producers as a companion to the project. HBO will use all of its platforms, including the HBO main service, multiplex channels, HBO On Demand, HBO Podcasts,, HBO Channel on YouTube, and DVD sales to support the project. In addition, all films will stream free of charge on and will be offered for free on multiple platforms by participating television service providers.

The schedule for the series is shown below:

* The Memory Loss Tapes -- Sunday, May 10 at 9 PM
* Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am? -- Monday, May 11 at 7:30 PM
* Momentum in Science -- Monday, May 11 at 8 PM
* Caregivers -- Tuesday, May 12 at 7 PM
* Momentum in Science, Part 2 --Tuesday, May 12 at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST

The following link to the HBO Alzheimer’s Project web site has complete details, including a summary of each episode and a trailer that you can watch on your computer.

One copy of the series has been sent to all Alzheimer’s Association Chapters. In addition, copies of the DVDs are being offered free of charge to other community groups. Individuals can order a copy of the complete series as well as the companion book for $39.99 at the link shown below.

Monday, May 4, 2009

"I Was So Much Older Then.....

...... I'm younger than that now."

Many of my friends remark on the fact that I have a special rapport with kids, and there is a very good reason for that: I'm a kid myself, and I hope I never lose that "child-like" quality.

I know. I need to be an adult sometimes too, and I am, when necessary, but I would rather be a kid.

When I worked in the ER of our hospital, I used to love doing magic tricks and bringing out my puppet "Dr. Bob", to make my pediatric patients feel a little better, and I sure do miss that. The last place those little ones want to to be is in a hospital emergency room, and I always thought that if I could make them smile, then maybe that visit wouldn't be so traumatic.

What's your point, Bill? Right?

My point is that I don't mind the aging, the Alzheimer's, and the fact that I will die from it some day. What I DO mind is the not remembering, the clumsiness, the rages and the forgetting of words as I try to speak them.

Let me be a kid, but please don't let me be an idiot?!

Here's something no one (hardly) knows about me: I love to watch Sesame Street and I loved Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

My friend Beth shares my feelings and I thank her first of all for being my friend, and secondly for what you are about to see. I never knew this video existed, and I'm going to warn you: it's gonna make you cry, but they will be happy tears, because we'll always have our frog. God rest your soul, Jim Henson and God bless you, Tom Smith.

Thank You!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Something We Haven't Discussed Yet.....

........ Do I still have romantic feelings? Oh yes, I sure do, but you know what? I need to get other things "sorted out" first. I don't think I can have a relationship with a woman under these circumstances, and if you were someone interested in me in that way, you wouldn't either.

Yes, I miss loving someone, and I miss being loved back, but what I could give someone right now would be nothing but misery, and thank Og, I know that.

It's one of the few concrete things I do still know.

So in keeping with that theme, here's something I found on YouTube which should give you a laugh. Remember before you click the video, that this entire blog is adult-oriented, okay? Also know that I searched many versions of this tune for you, but these two are just too cute for words. Also, when you watch this? Ask yourself this: Where were their parents??????? Filming? God! :)

Y'all have a great weekend, and I send my love!


The Animal Rescue Site

Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet My Hero!

Never met the man, but I truly believe that if I extended my hand, he would have shook it.

He wore the bracelet, and so do I!


For my adopted country!