Monday, April 13, 2009

Y'all Mind If I Get A Little "RAD" on ya?

As in "radical", I mean?

In a previous entry I mentioned that someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's every 72 seconds.


If that's the case, why in the friggende farg are we still having to fight to be able to get care?

I have friends who have EOAD who have had to hire lawyers just to get their disability!

Why is that?

I think it's because doctors aren't taking this disease as seriously as they should.

They look at people like me and my friends Tom and Alan, see that we can still hang a few words together and make sense, and conclude that we don't meet their criteria for Alzheimer's.

Here again is the page with the symptoms:

I'm going to add one that I haven't recognized in myself till just recently: I am seeing people who aren't really "there".

So what I am proposing is an online, television whatever interview with a private doc, a shrink (sorry, shrinks!), a nurologist and someone from Social Security and let's for Christ's sake put 'em on the spot, and make them answer some tough questions.

Y'all somebody had to come up with that list of symptoms, and by God, somebody had to approve them, so why in the HELL are some of us having to pay out the ass just to get what we need? I and so many others have 80% of those symptoms.

There's NO REASON for this.

Okay, *whew*

I'm done.

Hope y'all had a great Easter! Sorry I had to get a little "medieval" on ya'! ;)

Thanks for letting me......"vent". (Y'all may wanna turn up the sound for this one!)


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