Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Public Service Message From Bill & Bert

As y'all know, until recently, I've been a volunteer animal welfare advocate for my local shelter.

We badly need a new shelter here in Paulding County and you can help in 2 ways :

1. Go the site below and vote. You can vote once per day and the more votes the higher the chances of winning . Please also link your friends and ask them to help me help the critters.


Or click the paw icon at the bottom of this entry!

When you go to the site, you'll be asked to click once to provide food (no need to register) and when you finish that you'll be able to vote for our shelter. If you have more than one computer you can also use the other one as well - so that means 2 votes per day.

The shelter you are supporting is Paulding Humane Society, inc. located in Dallas, GA 30132. (You'll need to do a search on the page)

Also, if you're a certain schoolteacher friend of mine from Australia and you're reading this, it would be wonderful if you could get your boys and the whole school involved. Just think, y'all might put us over the top. :)

2. As always, you can click on the ad box you see when you open the blog. Half the money (2 cents) goes to my humane society and half to Alzheimer's research.

So far we've raised a grand total of $43.52. I get a check when the total reaches $100.00. Admittedly, 2 pennies isn't a whole lot, but every little bit helps.

On behalf of the animals and the hard-working staff at our shelter, thank you!


PS: In case you haven't been following the
log for very long, "Bert" is my orange tomcat! :)

The Animal Rescue Site


skericheri said...

This is a nice idea. Bookmarked the site and will click and vote daily.

Bill Craig said...

Thanks, as always for your support, Cheri. It's just awesome he way y'all care about someone you've never even laid eyes on.

I'm very grateful!