Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moving Merrily Right Along

Oh, shit.

I'm not paying attention to the slouchy, lithpy doctor, am I?

I've been sitting here all day, burning up the internet and setting a record (I think) for the number of daily posts I have made on The Straight Dope.

So I just watched the 2nd little vignette I linked y'all to, and it sounds to me that I'm in mid-fuckin-stage already! No, I'm not shitting my pants yet, but I'm all over all those other symptoms!

Holy Shit!

I've been in DENIAL!

And didn't REALIZE it!

I've been sitting here on the computer ALL friggin day long , writing on SDMB and acting like they're here in the room with me! Writing in a "conversational" TONE (as someone already pointed out!)

Holy shit this is really happening right here on stage, friends and neighbors!

It's hitting "home" finally.

I'm finally, REALLY gettin' it.

I mean, I KNOW I've GOT it, but I wasn't really GETTING that I got it.


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