Monday, February 23, 2009

Another "Watchdog" Site For You All

In an earlier blog entry I told you about which relates to scams by "doctors" and their so-called practices.

In today's blog I wanted to share with you the site called which is also run by Stephen Barrett, MD.

The reason I am linking you to the new site is because I almost spent 60 bucks on a product called "Dual Action Cleanse", which is supposed to clean out one's colon and detoxify one's system. They were going to send me a "free trial" (just pay shipping and handling) and from that point on I need do nothing - they'd just charge my credit card for every monthly shipment. I checked out the site and did a little more research, and found that "opting out" isn't always successful, and that this guy has been in trouble with the FDA before.

So be careful. In today's lagging economy, the scam artists are going to work even harder to part you from your money.

Remember that lady in Stairway to Heaven?

Here's a version of that song I bet some of you haven't heard yet.......

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PS: Thanks to Skericheri for being number 14 and getting us off the unlucky 13! And thanks to RealityChuck of The SDMB for The Beatnix link!


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Margaret said...

Bill, a year ago, I googled that kind of "cleansing, detoxifying" with "Mayo", and the MI states that such claims are bunk.

Take good care,