Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weak Moments

There have been a lot of those lately, y'all.

I know the "catch phrase" for all of this is "You are not alone", but right now, except for Bert (my tom cat in my lap as I type) I pretty much am alone and it sucks, big time.

Just yesterday I met someone in the grocery store whose name I should have known - she looked familiar - but I just could not come up with the name of a nurse I work with (closely) every goddam weekend!

Still, every cloud has its silver lining, I suppose, and yesterday was a cloudy day that put me back in touch with two of my broadcasting friends: Rick Zeisig and Alan Duke, two of the most charismatic people you'd ever want to meet, and both of whom have made a big impact on my life.

I thank them both for getting back in touch with me.

This is for Rick and Alan and YOU:

Thanks for making me hang in there, Bro's and Sis's!


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