Monday, January 19, 2009

Alzheimer's In The Workplace: A Work In Progress

I had a very nice conversation on the phone today with Kris Bakowski, herself diagnosed with Early (Young) Onset Alzeheimer Disease at age 46, and also someone who had to fight to retain her job.

Although I am not at that point myself (and won't be until I get some kind of a "baseline" with the Neuro-Psych testing), I wanted to make contact with Kris because she has been an advocate for people who are still able to work, but may be getting the shaft because of something not their fault.

Kris' blog may be found here:

Please become familiar with Kris for any information or questions you may have because she's been dealing with this much longer than me, and she impresses me as a person who doesn't quit.

Thanks to Suzette with for connecting us and please stay tuned for more on Alzheimer's In The Workplace.



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