Saturday, December 26, 2009

So No SSDI For the German Boy

Got my letter of denial a week ago and I can appeal.

A friend of mine also said that I should have my local Congressman do an inquiry and we're going to do that as well.

This just gets "better and better", doesn't it?

No job, only a small pension and facing bankruptcy next month.

While I'm at it, I may as well tell you the rest.

I had D admit me to Ridgeview Institute for suicidal ideations and regulations of my meds which I had been cutting back on to save money. I spent 4 nights there and got out the 23rd.

No, I didn't do Christmas with the family. I stayed home and played my guitar. Even though they they upped my meds, I'm still pretty much an emotional train wreck and I wasn't going to "snow" on anyone's Christmas Parade. The family understands how things are with me, but my little grandson Julian doesn't.

Don't bother laying a "guilt trip" on me or telling me that I was "depriving" him of his "Opa", I already KNOW all that shit.

Next plan is the VA, (so that I can at least get free medical care since I'm a Viet Nam vet) then, if the SSDI STILL isn't approved, I think that D and I had better split up. She doesn't want this and neither do I, but I cannot see this going on and on while we get further and further "in the hole". See, D has a car payment, and medical expenses as well as paying the rent here, and even though I've cut back on just about everything I can so as not to be a burden, she's just barely making it herself.

Yes, I love her! Always did and always will, but this isn't working and I just think it will be better for me to find a small room somewhere and at least some part-time work.

She's 61, looks 51 and is very pretty. She doesn't need a "Sad Sack" like me who can't seem to remember where he puts things 2 minutes later, and is pretty much a train wreck.

So keep your fingers crossed that the SSDI goes through this time, because, much as I hate to say it, money is our major problem, and with my SSDI all will be well and Bill will be a happy (though slightly crazy) boy.

Here's a couple of my favorites (also 2 favorite movies of mine)

You may need to turn the volume on this one, which I consider one of the first rap songs. (Square dance music calling being another).



Please remember to click to feed and watch for another Shelter Challenge.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Just So Y'all Know I'm Not TOTALLY Grumpy....

Click on the title above for a message from my favorite redhead, Becks. I chose the country version, but there are a few others.

Here's one with Becks and her mother Sylvia who has Alzheimer's.

Cute, huh? You'll need to copy and paste the below link to see those two cuttin' a rug!

Thanks, Becky and that's a very handsome picture of your Bill "Der Erste Bill" ("the first Bill") from Scotland!

DAB ("the OTHER Bill")

Get The Hankies Out!

From Luke and Helga in Australia.

The video says it all:

The Animal Rescue Site

Happy Holidays from Bill and Dondra

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Miss me?

I'm baaaa-aaaaack!

Read by clicking the TITLE line above:

And y'all prolly need to listen to this replay of one of my favorite all-time SONGS!

I spent a little time on "The Green Mile", but I'm back for the holidays, so here's THIS!


It's okay to close your little eyes and rock back and forth, if y'all wanna.....

Thanks and don't forget the four-footers!

The Animal Rescue Site

For the animals always


Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Don't Do Well In Groups Anymore

D asked me to accompany her to our Methodist church's Christmas dinner (I am not yet a member there, being that I was raised Catholic), but I couldn't handle it.

I did the best I could.

Smiled and said hello, but other than eating and smiling at the kids who enjoyed their gifts, I just could not do it.

Was it the fact that D and I cannot spend a Christmas with friends and family back home in Germany this year?

Heretofore, I have always been able to make a trip home to Rothenburg at this time of year, and this time, as I was married, I would not have had to go by myself!

Was it the fact that Betty couldn't be there with her Wayne?

The Dementia? I used to be able to speak in front of large crowds and felt comfortable talking to them.

Hell, I don't know.

All I know is that the tears spilled out, but I kept them at eyelid level.

Now I am facing a family Christmas on the 19th, and I would give anything not to have to go, but D is hitting me over the head with the fact that Julian (my grandson) has never spent a Christmas with his "Opa" (German word for "grandfather") due to my son's divorce.

So I guess I better "suck it up", huh?

My good friend Luke in Australia sent me this, and I am sorry I cannot click you to YouTube, but you have GOT to see this and recognize the colors on their jerseys.

Everyone who knows me, knows I am a cyclist and this is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on a bike!

Bert, (my long-haired domestic cat) is looking at me right now, and seems to remind me that there are so many other kitties and doggies that need a home. It's cold out here in West Georgia right now, and so many of them are left on the side of the road or at dumpsters, and I talk to Bert about them.

Please remember this if nothing else: WE domesticated THEM and that makes us responsible.

If you just cannot adopt, then please buy a bag of dog or cat food, take some old towels, old stuffed animal dolls (Yes! They love those, too!) and take them to your local shelter/Humane Society

Just do something, please?

The Animal Rescue Site

Thank you!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Podcast Update And Other Stuff

I am having some issues with volume on my microphone, so please stand by.

I have a bunch of stuff written which I want to share with you, but we may be going to another blog adress very soon.

google, as y'all know, has taken away the moneys meant for AD Research and Paulding Humane Society.

I am being told it's because of my WARNING that the content here is only meant for adults, but I think that's a bunch of BULLSHIT!

NO ONE advised me that I needed not to include advertisers for y'all to click on!


But I did get a response on the google forum and she told me all was okay. Y'all saw that, right?

Then I got another response telling me it wasn't okay!


This was to be my Christmas Present (small though it may have been) to Alzheimer's Research and the Unwanted Pets!!!!!

God, I'm wore out. Totally.

Please click to feed 'em!

So many of them get "turned in" daily, and so many of them have an "expiration date"!

The Animal Rescue Site



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Suzette Sent This......

Watch it closely the first time......

Then watch it closely again.

They're cold, hungry and alone

The Animal Rescue Site

Jesus Christ, google.

Jesus Christ.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Big Problem

I have had my ad sense account disabled. These are the ads which are revenue-generating and which last Wendesday came to the following amount:

At that point I put through a request for payment of $100.00 - $50.00 of which was to go to Alzheimer's Research amd $50.00 to Paulding Humane Society.

Yesterday I received the following notification from google:


Google AdSense to me
show details Dec 4 (2 days ago)


While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense
account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since
keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our
advertisers in the future, we've decided to disable your account.

Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the
interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We
realize the inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you in advance
for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions about your account or the actions we've taken,
please do not reply to this email. You can find more information by


The reason they sent this is because the very next night that $101.45 jumped to over $127.00 and I have no idea why this happened. Google thinks this was done deliberately by someone (how else to explain the sudden jump in revenue?).

I have appealed this, but don't expect them to relent.

All I can do is ask them to track back the IP address of where all these clicks originated and come to the conclusion that I did not knowingly deceive them.

The reason I write about this NOW is to explain that I do NOT know how this happened. Just that it did and because it is all a moot pont now.

I even wrote google the night before, asked them to have a look at the site to makre sure there were no problems and T received the following e-mail from someone called Rose:

Google Help to me
show details Nov 29 (7 days ago)

SwtRose has posted an answer to the question "I need someone to look at my blog please":

Bill, you are fine! By the way, I did click. ;-)
- Hide quoted text -

The money will be paid as promised. It won't come from google, but it WILL be paid, because I NEVER go back on a promise.



Thursday, December 3, 2009

"You Are NOT Alone!"

And if, like me, you have "trouble" with the holidays, you don't have to be alone, you can be with me!

Virtually, that is. The Internet. A private chat, just us. Lotsa jabberin'. Come on in and "set" a spell.

What I'd like to do is create a temporary chat room for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for those of us who get the blues at Christmas.

See, I'm one of those people too, and you'd be helping me by giving me something to do and somebody to do it with! (minds outta the gutter chirrun!:))

A lot of what could happen depends on y'all wanting to do this and how MANY of you want to do this. It wouldn't be a voice chat, unless y'all want it to be, so it would be just us, but that too is open to discussion and change.

I just need for y'all to leave me a yea or nay in the comments, because there's no use me sitting here waiting for someone to come online when I could be working on something else.

We'll set up a time via a vote from y'all when we'll best be available, and we can just jabber our little butts off as long as you want.

How does 9pm - 12 am Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sound? We can chat on google talk. Send me an e-mail address to and I'll send you an invite.

Again. If this doesn't work for any of you, tell me, okay?

I told y'all I wasn't gonna beat you upside the head with Christmas music, but I didn't say anything about not celebrating the Winter Solstice.

This one is on one of my Wyndham Hill Winter Solstice cd's.

It's called Flute Sonata in E minor, 3rd Movement, and it was written for flute and harpsichord by Georg Frideric Handel in the 1700's although some folks say its origin is dubious and some have even attributed the work to one of the Bach boys. They weren't homies, but they were contemporaries.

Be that as it may, it's a wonderful way to spend a winter evening wrapped up in a throw in front of a fireplace, or just pretending you're doin' that while leaned back in your La-Z-Boy or lying on the sofa with a cuppa hot tea or coffee nearby!

The Animal Rescue Site

Please also remember to take a bag of food, some old towels, newspapers, etc. to your local shelter if you can.

Yes, I know it's gonna be hard to tear yourself away from all those little ones, but you can do it. (If you can't, well then, congratulations on finding yourself a new little friend!)



Sometimes, Someone ELSE Can Say It Better

Such as this guy:

That was an excerpt from a DVD/Book he wrote, but pretty much puts it all into perspective, as far as I'm concerned.

What he is telling us is what I would like to say as well: "I'm still intellectually "sound", so as long as I have that "soundness of mind", even though it frustrates me, wait and let me come up with the word I can't remember. If I can't, I'll ask you for help."


This doesn't happen very often, but recently I linked you to a site which purported to explain the difference between "dementia" and "Alzheimer's Disease".

My counsellor, Suzette read that link, decided there were some things written there which weren't all together factual, and sends us the following clarification. In retrospect, had I not been so all-fired anxious to get away from the bright screen because of the eye infection (much improved, BTW), I should have sent it to her first to make sure it was accurate.

Here then, is what Suzette wants us to know:

"Dementia is a very broad “umbrella” term. If someone gets a diagnosis of dementia, it just means they have a loss of cognitive functioning, in at least 2 of these categories: memory, language, visual/spatial function, or judgment/reasoning—severe enough to interfere with daily life. (So that diagnosis doesn’t really tell you any more than what was probably already known!)

A doctor who specializes in dementia will investigate the person’s symptoms to give a more specific diagnosis naming the CAUSE of the dementia. Some causes of dementia are treatable or reversible, like drug interactions, infections, thyroid problems, depression, or vitamin deficiencies, and the onset can be sudden—it doesn’t have to be gradual, as the article implied.

Other causes of dementia, like AD, Lewy Body dementia, and frontal-temporal dementia, are irreversible, and in most cases the onset IS gradual. (Alzheimer’s accounts for about 70% of ALL cases/causes of dementia.)

So if a person says, “my mom doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, she just has a little bit of dementia”, the mom either has one of the causes of dementia that can be treated, or she is in the early stages of one of the other dementias--and the likeliest of these is AD."

Thank you, Suzette.

Still in the process of finalizing everything for the podcast, so "stay tuned" (HA!) to this blog for an official launch date and time.

You may remember in a blog from a few days ago, I mentioned that I hoped two of my favorite charities would receive a financial Christmas gift this month?

It is my pleasure to tell you, that this happened Tuesday night, and as soon as "Santa" sends the check, two PayPal donations will be made: One to the Georgia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association and one to Paulding Humane Society!

More to come about this on the podcast.

I noticed that PHS has crept to #13 in the state's standings of "The Shelter Challenge".

We have been there before (matter of fact, I think we've been at #10), and with only 17 days remaining there's not much time, but I have to hope that the "Ghost of Christmas Present" will provide us with a sudden "surge" of votes to bring us to where we need to be.

Here's our "poster pet" Murphy reminding us that somewhere out there right now is a cold, wet and hungry doggie or kitty, needing some human love.

The Animal Rescue Site



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Podcast Update

It took a little longer than expected, but we're very close to an "air-date" of what (for now) I am calling "Where To, Bud? - The Podcast".

What I have done thus far:

1. Narrowed down the choice of servers (3) using the following criteria:

a) Cost

b) Ease of Operation (for me)

c) Amount of Bandwidth

Cheap is better than Free in that I get more time

Free is better than cheap, since I don't have to worry about a subscription fee.

The easier this podcast will be to operate, the free-er I will be to talk to you. Since it won't be "live", I will have plenty of time to edit and tweak, so what comes out on the other end hopefully will be informative as well as entertaining.

I plan to draw on my 15 years as a broadcaster/talk-show host to make it as professional a production as I can. By that, I mean I'm not going to sit here and make jibber-jabber "small-talk". The show will have been prepared and edited before-hand, but will be presented in such a way as to seem relaxed and spontaneous.

By "spontaneous", I mean I am not going to limit myself to a script if something "pops" into my head that I didn't consider before.

"Bandwidth" simply means the amount of "time" provided per month for the podcast itself. For example "free" is 100 minutes of audio and 60 minutes of video on one server.

It also is not my intent to simply "regurgitate" what I write on the blog, but to complement it.

One can read the blog at one's leisure, listen to the podcast the same way or do one or the other. Or both.

What I will not do on the podcast is "rant and/or rave". I have been doing less of that in the blog as well.

Information, the so-called "talking points" and maybe some appropriate music. If deemed appropriate, perhaps the mention of my pet-project (so to speak): animal welfare.

So that's where we are.

Technically (except for choosing the server) we're ready. My microphone is the same one I used in the studio singing, so the sound should be very good from here. (How it ends up on your end will depend on your speakers. Luckily audio for computers has come a long way so y'all should be okay there)

19 more days...... please help!

The Animal Rescue Site



Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not A Good Weekend For The German Boy

Eye infection is back, this time with a vengeance, and, as I can barely stand to sit at the computer for very long, this one will be short and sweet.

Going to the opthalmologist(?) Monday to see why this keeps happening. I sleep with a cold washcloth over my eyes and we have some Decadron ointment, but it only lasts about an hour, and as it is a steroid, I can't take it too often.

D and I thought it might be because I spend so much time on the computer doing research (otherwise known as playing World of Warcraft), but we're not sure. My computer stays on 24-7 (heretofore, I mean), but I am going to start shutting it down and see what happens. I hope I am not getting allergic to Bert. He's a long-haired domestic, but we keep him brushed regularly.

I wanted to re-visit the definition of Dementia vs Alzheimer's, and rather than write it all out myself, I want to link you to a very informative site. Just click on the blog title to take you there.

I didn't know this one had words, did y'all? Anyway, kind of a pleasant way to end a Sunday evening, and no toe-tapping allowed! J/K

For the four-legged ones. And the shelter.

The Animal Rescue Site

Thanks, and y'all have a great week!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Had A Bit Of A Hint That Something's CHANGING

I had an episode a few days ago during which I couldn't reason something out and I didn't realize it until today, when I wrote it down "by the numbers".

For example:

1. I've never seen a purple cow
pause....... think, Bill!
2. I never hope to see one
3. But I can tell you anyhow
4. I'd rather see than be one

The episode didn't involve the above rhyme, of course. It had to do with a poll I created and that I didn't reason through, so the third choice made no sense in opposition to the other two. This negated the whole damn thing, causing me a lot of embarrassment, because people were voting anyway, even though it didn't make sense, I think, just to spare my feelings, God love 'em.

That's one thing.

Here's another: We have discussed before that sometimes a word will "fail" me, right?

Well now words fail me as I'm writing them.

See that word "choice" up there?

Well, I used it because I forgot the word "option". The whole flow of the sentence was disrupted because I had to stop and think and then substitute a word I didn't intend to use. This happened in a matter of seconds, y'all!

I was an English major with a minor in Journalism, and I was damn good at it! This isn't supposed to happen!

We won't even mention my errors in sentence structure, grammar and spelling. I wrote news articles for 15 years, sometimes with a 5 minute deadline and scribbled on toilet paper, fer Chrissake. Ran into the studios with just seconds to spare and did my thing, cool as the proverbial cucumber.

This just isn't acceptable to me.

This blog is taking me longer to write than it did last year, because the words "fly away" so fast.

We hadn't talked about my symptoms for a while, so I wanted to write about this latest one just to keep the "symptomatic timeline" going.

Hey, we have a new friend on the blog! Welcome sir, and in the words of the late Bette Davis, "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy..... night."

Yep. I thought it was ride too, but it's correctly quoted as night.

As I remind everyone, this is a "reality" blog about my dementia, and I have good and bad days, funny and sad days and happy and angry days. It's all in here and if it helps someone, somehow after I'm off the planet, well then, that's just fine. I appreciate your presence, and please, if you have a comment - good or bad - let me have it!

Hey, anybody going to be alone at Christmas? Would you like to open up a temporary chat room? Just an idea. I have trouble with the holidays myself, and now that I'm going batshit to boot, it would be nice to have some friends to chat with. Think about it and let me know.

If you'd like to do something that will warm the cockles of your heart during the holidays, take a bag of dog food, cans of cat food, old newspapers, towels to your local shelter. You might even want to volunteer a couple of hours of your time. I can guarantee you it will be appreciated!

This one's for our friend Becks. Try not to laugh. I dare ya'!

And here's the button that's there to remind us of the many pets which get turned in at shelters nationwide at this time of year! Unbelievable but it's true. Those folks try very hard with their "Home 4 The Holidays" program, but they keep coming in faster than they're adopted.

Sad, huh?

The Animal Rescue Site



Thursday, November 26, 2009

Need Y'all's Opinions and Help On Something

My niece Lisa (I've spoken of her before- the stage manager at 7 Stages in Atlanta?)and I spoke together today at TG Dinner and I mentioned that I missed acting, but was reluctant to try out for anything produced in community theatre because I'm afraid I might forget my lines.

So she suggested I write my own play about Dementia and perhaps have it produced at 7 Stages with all proceeds going to AD Research.

It would be one act for one night only and I already have a "working title" for it:
7 Stages Theatre Presents
I Can't Remember!
A Comedy In One ACT
All Proceeds To Benefit Alzheimer's Research
Featuring Bill Craig

Before you give me your opinion, I have already begun to write a few lines, and it is not my first effort at writing a short play. I once (in college) wrote the dialogue for a 20 minute film entitled I'll Show You Mine shot in 16mm as a silent film with the lines written on placards (I was on a "Low Budget" back then, too.) I know: a bit sophomoric right? But I was a Sophomore at the time!

Yeah, it was porn, but it was "soft porn". It starred me as "Rick Dickulous" and a theatre student (I ain't givin' out her name, sorry!) as "Vulveeta".

That damn thing quickly made the rounds of all the frat houses and almost got me thrown out, but the student council ruled that that would be censorship and called it an "art film". Yeah, right.

So anywayyyyyy what do y'all think of the title and do you have a better suggestion? I'll choose the best one and there won't be a "prize", just braggin rights that you named my play if it's a hit. Ha-Ha.

My son actually came up with that title as a "Who's On First" kinda thing.

"I'm going to a play tonight."

"Oh yeah? What's it called?"

"I Can't Remember"

"Huh? You're going to a play and you don't even know it's name?!"

"I'm telling you, I Can't Remember!"

And so on.....

Another thing: I'm not real comfortable with that word "Comedy" up there. Yeah, I'd like to reflect my sense of humor, but I need for it to be "educational" in a sense, too. "Comedy-Drama", maybe. Whatcha'll think?

Also, I know there's already a play about AD (My Father's Bookshelf), but this is about Dementia and about a guy who's headed down the "road" to AD.

My theory on all this is: If I act in someone else's play I might flub my lines, but if I write it myself then I'll aready be familiar with it because it's my "baby", so to speak.

So please give me your opinions and don't be afraid you'll hurt my feelings, okay?

Okay, now on to other things: Something very near and dear to my heart: Animals/Pets.

Some of my buds on SDMB are contributing some well thought-out ideas regarding older, very sick animals needing Euthanasia. The entire thread is very articulate and I'd like to share it with you. Just click on the blog title and it will take you to the thread.

So I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving, and you're probably ready for a nap, right?

Now we have the "Hoopla" of Christmas facing us. We'll get through it! I've decided not to "bombard" you guys with Christmas carols - maybe just one a week or so? Would that be okay? Just nod your heads, you're probably still "recovering" from today's consumption! :)

So here's Ol' Blue Eyes, from my friend Mogipbot. See anything interesting in that video? I didn't see it the first time either! :)

Remember: WE domesticated THEM.

Ya know, I just googled that phrase to see if it needed quotation marks around it, and couldn't find where someone had said just that phrase, so if anyone knows different, let me know, because if it's someone else's saying, they need to be credited.



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009......

.....and when I had my radio talk show here in Carrollton, the day before we always did a segment called, "What Are You Thankful For?"

So if it's okay here's my list. They're not in order of importance okay? EVERYONE I mention is equally important!

1. First of all, for D, who has been just super to me and whom I love very much

2. For our son Jason and our two grand kids, Amber and Julian.

3. For all of you who follow this blog, of course and doing what you can for the animals by clicking oh the link. I really look forward to your comments and really like to answer you.

4. For all my Doper friends. ALL of them! Even the ones who disagree with me or may not like me. The Straight Dope is a "safe haven" for me, since I'm kind of a "recluse" these days.

5. For my in-laws. Especially my sis-in-law Ramona, who has given D and me the upstairs of her home for very little rent. Yeah, it's kinda crowded and we have a lot of furniture in storage, but it beats living on the streets!

6. For what little cognitive function I have left. I can speak to my family in Germany, since I haven't forgotten my language skills (English is actually my second language).

7. For my family who live there and whom I will miss this holiday season. Christmas in Germany has ALWAYS been very special to me, even as a little boy. If you'd like to see a Christmas pic from my home, here ya go!

8. For my cat Bert. Bertie is the most loving cat we have ever owned, and he is a constant source of comfort to me.

9. For my Bro' Skip who always talks me through my "rough" times. We don't get to see each other as much as we'd like, but we telephone with each other.

10. For my adopted country. Yeah we're in a mess, aren't we? But I am confident that we'll bring our soldiers home soon, get some kind of decent health care plan and create a lot of new jobs.

Now, I don't do this a lot, but I'd like to recommend a novel to you. It is called The Charlemagne Pursuit, and it's by Steve Berry, my favorite writer. Mr. Berry has the talent of weaving historical fact into his stories, and I always learn something new. In fact, in a recent e-mail to him (he loves his fans and encourages writing to him via his website), I call him my "history teacher". If you're a history buff, I highly recommend ALL his books.

And as I mentioned before, I'd like to play you some Christmas carols from Deutschland. I have always been of the opinion that the sweetest carols are sung by children, and this is one of my favorites, from when I was just a "kleiner Junge"!

You won't be able to understand the "Sprechen Sie?", so feel free to tune out when the song's done.

Thanks also for supporting animals and the Paulding Humane Society/Shelter by clicking on the link below.

The Animal Rescue Site

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and my friends Helga and Luke "Down Under"!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How About Some Music For A Change?

And I just shut my pie hole?

Enjoy. These are some of the tunes I used to listen to, late at night, on my transistor radio (with ear-plug!)

(sorry, copy & paste, please!)

And one more.......

Tuesday's just as bad.

Worried about my D.

We can't seem to get her BP meds "regulated" just right, and her "bottom" just drops right out from under her sometimes, her face goes pale, and I cannot seem to do enough to make it go away.

PLEASE don't forget the four-footed ones????

In addition to asking you to click and vote, I am now going to ask you to volunteer your time at a local shelter.

Can y'all do that?

If not, could you just take 'em some food? Find a shelter in your area and just take a bag of food, please.

They HAVE no one else!

They have no one else.


Bill and Bert

Time For Some Pot Pourri?

1. As I write, it is 7:45 Saturday morning, and I just returned from the local Angel Food Ministries with my box of 10 frozen dinners. Loaded 'em into the freezer and now I'm set for at least 10 days of good eatin'.

Before I went in, I zipped my hoodie up, put the top over my head and put on my mirror shades and kept my head down. Kinda like a burka, only different.

Y'all do believe that, right?

Of course I didn't do that!

You think a guy who just asked hundreds of people to help him with his financial life is gonna balk at picking up some cheap food? Ya' kiddin' me?

I even helped 'em unload and stayed to help distribute!

It's been tough, letting go of the pride, but you gotta believe you'll come back and do some good for someone else again one day.

2. I have yet another sleep study scheduled on 11.23.09. Apparently the results of study number one were inconclusive, although D, (who is herself a polysomnographer, which is a fancy term for someone who puts wires all over your head and then wants you to sleep like that while she sits and watches you on a monitor from her computer room with all the paper and needles scribbling on it) felt like it SHOULD have been and I should already been on a have a CPAP/BIPAP.

There aren't a lot of men in that field, which led me to ask her if she or her colleagues ever watch to see what we do or say while asleep?

Which led to one of those "roll-eyed" looks and a slap on the butt.

She knows how I am.

And loves me for it.

I think.

3. As we're heading into the holidays, I wanted to kick off the "festive mood" with a picture of Murphy with his human, Suzette. As you can tell, as with all cool dogs, Murph is just thrilled as he can be to be all "decked out"!

4. Here's a new look at Wolkenlaufer and his mount Silka as they are presently depicted in World of Warcraft:

Wolkie and Silka are currently on a quest to find Pamela Redpath's "dolly". The story goes is that she lost it somewhere in Darrowshire and needs it to be found. So far we've managed to find two pieces of it and are looking for a third, so that we can put it back together and bring it back to the little girl.

Now, I realize that many of you may not be into RPG ("Role Playing Games"), but for me, it takes a lot of the depression away and for many millions of us, it's a world we can go to to get away from this one for a while.

Some of us are so into it that songs are actually written about the land of Azeroth, and this is one example. It's exactly about the quest I told you about in a previous paragraph. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks to my pal Mister Rik for the link:

5. Update on the SSDI app: There IS no update, unless you count the third phone call from SSDI asking for an updated mailing address as one. Hoping to hear something soon.

6. Update on the Podcast: Just waiting to go to my storage cubicle to pick up my microphone and buy a cheap desk stand for it, and then we'll launch. (Hopefully by the end of the week)

7. As Margaret wrote in the comments section (and which I answered) Paulding Humane dropped to 14th place in the state in the Shelter Challenge standings. I can only keep asking y'all to click to feed and vote, call a friend and ask them to do the same and so on. Take my word for it, the animals will go needy this holiday season as they do all year, so please help if you can. December 20th ends this one.

The Animal Rescue Site

8. I'm gonna need some help with Christmas this year. The holidays have never been a good time for me, but this time REALLY needs to be better. In keeping with that, I'm gonna link y'all to some German Christmas music starting next week. I know that not all of you will know what is being sung, but hopefully the meaning will come through anyway.

9. Good news! We've picked up one more follower (31 now!) and Paulding Humane and Alzheimer's Research are within 20 bucks of getting a $50.00 check this Christmas! Whooo-Hooo!



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Okay, Stay With Me On This One (Clarification Of Earlier Entry)

Just got a message from Becks, and apparently I kinda got my "wires crossed" about DEB (Bill from Scotland), so try to follow along as I try to get myself out of this "mess", okay?

1. Yes, he is Becks' guy and he lives in Scotland and among other things, is a guitarist/singer.

2. But he doesn't have an internet radio station, another guy from the US does and goes by the name "djsarg".

3. Because I put two and two together and came up with 5, I mistakenly thought Bill had AD, which he does not. djsarg, however, does and posts on the Alzheimer's forum about his radio station on the web. Becks helped him post on the AD forum a couple of times, just as she has helped me with my probs.

4. Bill from Scotland also helped me (through e-mails) find sarg's station, which is another thing that threw me off the track.

5. Jesus, what a cluster-eff, huh? But that's my life these days.

6. My apologies for the misinformation, but the stuff about my podcast is all correct information.

7. The YouTube "In A Big Country" is for Bill from Scotland.

Again, sorry to all concerned.

As y'all was! (That's southern for "As you were!")

Bill (DAB) from "Somewhere Out There" - apparently.

Podcast Coming!

Don't know exactly when it will air yet (still working out the details about downloading all the software and stuff), but in addition to talking about Alzheimer's/Dementia, there will be appropriate music in between.

I used to be a DJ/talk show host/news director, so I know how to jabber. I just need to keep it interesting.

Length? Don't know yet, maybe 20 minutes? Can y'all stand me for that long?

Times? Well, I'll let y'all be in charge of that since you can listen any time you wish. If you choose to book-mark me, that may make it easier for you as well.

The blog will remain and I hope to be able to embed the podcast from here. The only problem with that may be if I have a sponsor or sponsors for my show, which means they will foot the bill (very nominal), and I don't know how google will take to that idea. An alternative would be to launch directly from which ever podcast platform I choose and link y'all from there.

In other news, looks like Bill Clinton is hot on the Senate to pass the Health Care Reform Bill, so I am hoping they'll do that before the end of the year. Sure would be a nice birthday present not to have to worry about the almost tripling of my insurance premiums.

That's it for now. As I have written before "good days and bad days". Today was a good one due to the podcast idea, which, incidentally, came from Becks whose Bill (DEB - German for "Der Erste Bill" - "the first Bill" also has a radio show and you can access it by clicking on the title line of this entry. he has other dj's on as well, so you may not hear "djsarg" right away, but you have heard his own music here before, so I'm sure you'll find it entertaining.

Just go to the site, at the top click on LISTEN and then OPEN and your player should pop up.

Just a reminder, Bill is in Scotland, so be prepared for that accent!

Y'all know the drill, right? :)

The Animal Rescue Site



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Memory Walk Totals Update

This below is from my dementia counsellor Suzette: I know it seems very self-centered, but I just didn't ever "feel" like participating and I am sorry about that, but I still do have my own fund-raising effort going on. When I get $100.00, $50.00 goes to the animals and $50.00 to Alzheimer's/Dementia Research. We're currently 75% of the way there! Maybe one day, I will once again be in a position to do more. I sure want to.

Edited To Add: I just wanted to let Suzette know that both D and I appreciate her being a constant source of comfort to us with phone calls e-mails and very informative links. This is also true for my friends Becks, Margaret, Skericheri, Kemi, all my Doper friends and my friend in Germany, Jo (if I forgot someone, please know it wasn't intentional and correct me, okay?). I may sometimes forget to mention it, and seem wrapped up in what's going on with me, but I appreciate and love all of you for coming here and reading.


"The final totals are almost in from our Forget Me Nots Memory Walk team efforts….and I am proud to say that thus far we have raised $3,325! We close out the season on Nov. 15th, but Statewide, we have already actually exceeded our chapter’s goal for the year, which is fantastic considering that the economy is still struggling to recover. I will be sending out individual thank-you to everyone who sent their donations in through our office. If you know of anyone who donated directly on the website, I’ll be happy to send them a note as well if you let me know their addresses. Again, congratulations, and thank you so much for all of your efforts!"


The below YouTube is from both Becks and Suzette (sent at different times - great minds and all that!

The following YouTube is from "Becks" (very clever!)

And a cute image from Becks:

Still asking for your help in feeding the pets and voting for Paulding Humane in The Shelter Challenge.

The Animal Rescue Site

It ends 12.20.09 and sadly, Paulding remains in 13th place.

Thanks for your help and remember: we domesticated them.


Monday, November 9, 2009

What The Health-Care Reform Bill Means To Me

I'm an unemployed medical professional.

I have only COBRA insurance until the end of this year (my birthday - how ironic is that?)

Right now, thanks to my sweet wife and a small pension from 17 years of employment, it's "affordable" at $139.00 a month. After that, unless the President signs a bill extending that, it jumps to $380.00. When it does, I will no longer be able to afford medical care for my dementia.

That means no more prescription meds, (currently running $80.00 a month, not including doctor's visits ($40.00 co-pay - $30.00 for my psychiatrist).

My SSDI is still pending, I am not eligible for Medicare, I cannot afford life insurance, can't get food stamps (our combined income doesn't meet the $1500.00 cut-off).

Medicaid? Still waiting to hear.

I can't even die without being a burden on my family. No life insurance. Bankrupt.

I have limited myself to one meal a day so that we can save money, in opposition to my wife's wishes. I just don't want to be a burden on her.

Beginning this Saturday, I'll get my one meal a day from "Angel-Food Ministries", (pre-prepared, frozen) for ten days. She won't even have to cook for me.

Cell-phone service ends on the 16th. The only things I have spent money on are toiletries and whatever I can contribute to what bills absolutely HAVE to be paid.

So what does all this mean?

If the bill doesn't pass, I may as well be homeless, and to be honest, I have seriously considered it.

So every time I see a commercial in opposition to Obama's bill, I am wondering what these people are thinking?

There are 36 million of us. Are they forgetting that?

In all fairness to myself, I am not the only person responsible for my problem (more about that later, when I can write about it, and believe me, it WILL be told).

So that's what it means.

And I don't mean to imply that I'm just sitting on my ass, feeling sorry for myself. I am TRYING to work, but unfortunately the only jobs available aren't medically-related and I have even tried to go to work as a "bag-boy" at a nearby supermarket. Just nothing available befitting my skills, nearby, so that I can at least ride my scooter (one of my few possessions I have not been able to sell) to work.

Am I bitter? Damn right, I am. It's the bitterness and anger which keeps me going.

Pride is something I had last March. I hated like HELL asking my Doper friends for help, since I am used to giving it, not asking for it!

Do me a favor, okay? Do NOT reply to this blog entry. I don't wanna read what you might write. I feel shitty enough as it is.

Please remember to click to feed the pets and vote for Paulding Humane by clicking here:



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gonna Be Busy For A While

In order to keep my RT license current, I need to work on some CEU's (need 30 by the end of the year), so I may not have a lot of time for entries here.

In addition, I'm involved in the translation of some post-WWII German correspondence for a friend of mine from the Dope, which I am very excited about, so that's going to take up some of my "slacker" time, which I sorely need.

Please keep on feeding and voting, thanks!

The Animal Rescue Site

Here's one for all my air-guitarist friends. You may wanna "toin" it up!



Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saved THIS One Just For Today


Please drive carefully tonight and watch out for the little ghouls and ghosts as they go in search of sustenance!

In town, less than 10 mph has always worked for me!

Also please watch out for any little "four-footers" who might be along and accidently get in your way!

Remember, they need your help to eat, and Paulding Humane needs your vote!

Just click on the link.....

The Animal Rescue Site

And once again, "The Mahster Mohnsta"

Happy Halloween To ALL our DOPER/DOMER and other sweet friends, from

Bill, Dondra and "Bert"!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pot Pourri Day

Well, it's been a hectic and disappointing week, but one perseveres as best one can, yes?

1. We don't qualify for food stamps, because D and I make too much a month. Never mind that we both have medical expenses out the ying-yang (which is located near the "ol wazoo", remember?) a car payment, my COBRA insurance, gas, car insurance, groceries and rent and related living expenses, our combined income is over the 1500.00 a month limit so we don't qualify.

2. Filled out the Bankruptcy papers this week and paid the lawyers. This was something that really shook me up emotionally. Last year at this time, my credit score was in the high 700's. Today it's in the low 400's, and in a few months, it will be 0, I reckon. Friends and family have been most supportive (especially The Dopers, who helped with the funds for said Bankruptcy and so many other things,), but ya know? It still hurts when you buy stuff, make all the monthly payments and then suddenly stiff your creditors.

Yeah, yeah, I know these are tough times, and I'm not the only one doing it, but still....

3. Still can't ride the Trek because of that damn swollen left ankle which is still causing a slight limp, but at least I'm mobile (if not "upwardly" so).

4. Still busy scouring the net and hopeful that Congress will pull their heads out of their collected asses and get some kind of health care reform going soon, because my COBRA runs out at the end of the year at the lower cost and then jumps 300% higher, and private insurance (with its very high deductible) isn't much better.

5. Speaking of the net. I have received some Friend requests from my fellow cycling buddies and have added you, thanks. I'm not much into the social networking thing, but it's nice to be thought about.

6. Still spend a lot of time playing World of Warcraft (the only pleasure I allow myself due to the generosity of aruvqan and also due to someone's anonymous generosity, am playing it on the largest monitor I have ever had. Thanks "secret friend".

Here's the latest picture of my toon Alliance Warrior Wolkenlaufre ("Wolkie") and his mount Silka.

So that sorta catches y'all up on things for now.

Gettin' close to All Hallow's Eve and the Trick or Treaters coming by for candy tomorrow. I was 13 when I realized I was too old to go running around as Batman in gray long johns and the cape and mask my Mom made me.

Here it is again, in a funkier version of the original:

(Be sure to do that crazy "finger-eye sweep" as you're dancing to it, okay?

Have a great weekend and don't forget to click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane Society!

The Animal Rescue Site



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lack Of Reasoning Or Naivete'?

In my last entry, I told y'all about Angel Food Ministries and how for $28.00 ($30.00 if ordered online) I could eat 3 prepared meals a day for a month, right?

Riiiiiiight, Dude!

Now come on!

90 meals for only $28.00?????

The box has 10 prepared, frozen meals, Bill, you "Shankipottamus"!

Do you see what's happening here?

I am not thinking things through!

Here's something else:

After D and I first divorced, I was living pretty much on the cheap, so I decided to start clipping coupons?

I was a clippin' MoFo too, Dude!

That first Sunday, I clipped every damn coupon I could find, and the next day went to the supermarket, loaded up the buggy, got in line, and after the cashier totalled the order, I handed her a fistful of coupons with a big ol' grin!

Well, she starts scanning them and then stops and asks me "where's the stuff these coupons are good for?"


"Well, I thought I clipped the coupons out of the paper, hand them to you and you'd take the value and subtract it from the total?"

After I said that, you coulda heard a pin drop, and then one of the ladies behind me started to giggle, came around, took my hand, looked at that white circle on my ring finger, and asked, "How long you been on your own, Hon?", and then the whole line went nuts with laughter, while I just stood there looking like I'd just got off the bus.

Apparently, the manufacturers like for you to actually buy the products that relate to those coupons.

I also once bought Erica Jong's Fear of Flying, and gave it to an elderly lady school teacher friend (who was about to take her very first airplane trip) as a Bon Voyage present, thinking it was one of those "Self-Help" books.

Told D about it, and she said, "you didn't!", and then explained to me what I had given to this very dear old lady, who sent me me a "thank you" note when she returned.

So you tell me: Stupid, naive, or what?

Here's one of those "spooky story songs" about the "Carroll County Accident". I don't think this happened here in our Carroll County, unless maybe I was that "accident", after landing here in 1960!

The Animal Rescue Site



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why In Der Frigg Can't I Catch A Break, Dude?

This afternoon I had an appointment with my Orthopaedist.

Well, lah-dee-frickin'-dah! When did that job description pick up an extra a????

So next week I have an appointment with my Daentist.

("Hey! Let's go with the Greek spelling and FVck 'em out of some more bucks, Biggus Dickus! Y'ont to????")

No, that's not what I'm Bastarding (got to give us guys equal time, Bitches! Juuuuuuust kidding, Honey!) about, y'all.

What's frosting my balls is the fact that today, my Orthopaeeeeeeedist decided I needed a "brace" for my ankle.

Not a cast, mind you; just a "brace" made of: Nylon, Velcro, a cotton "sock" (cut off a thing that looks like toilet paper), and a shoe string.

Now before I ask you what you think that "brace" cost me, just take a minute and look at the "ingredients" (Nylon, Velcro, Cotton, Shoe String)

One hundred and thirty nine dollars.


One-thirty nine.

Sounds really cheap when you put it in those terms, don't it?

Guess what?

How many times do you think that piece of shit brace has been marked up, and how much do you think the "ingredients" to make it, cost?

I don't have to paint you a picture, but I thought that bringing it down to its lowest "common denominator" (us) might make it more "real" for y'all.

This is what is happening! THIS is REALITY!


Yeah, we're living longer, thank you, but now what?

Don't know what to do with us, do ya?

Gonna sit back and watch with great interest how this whole frickin' thing winds up.

The little 4-footed ones were here before we were and will be here long after we're gone.

Please don't make 'em suffer and die through no fault of their own, and please never forget it was them who helped us survive and evolve?

Yeah, we had the "brains", but they have served us and sustained us and we pay them back by burning them and their young to death.

Way to go, Homo Sapiens!

The Animal Rescue Site

Monday, October 26, 2009

Update On Being "Proactive"

My COBRA insurance (heretofore affordable at 139.00 a month) runs out at the end of December (after that it's $380.00 a month!), so today D and I picked up applications for Medicaid (for me) and food stamps.

We'll be turning those in tomorrow.

In addition, I checked with Consumer Credit Counselling Service in Atlanta (you have to, before filing for bankruptcy) and they referred me to Angelfood Ministries. (Click on the title of this blog entry to go there).

This is a place where you can order prepared meals (3 a day) for a fraction of what you'd pay at the grocery store. I qualify for the senior citizen package which only costs 30.00 ordered online.

The good news about Angelfood is that ANYONE can take advantage of this service. You don't have to be poor, demented and delapidated like me.

The food stamps, Medicaid and Angelfood will go a long way in taking some of the financial burden off my wife. This way she won't have to worry about fixing me anything to eat (you just heat them up and eat 'em), buying food for me. and hopefully (with the Medicaid) not having to buy my meds/pay my doctor bills.

So now we wait. On all the approvals and/or denials.

As you know, I am used to helping not needing help, so this all has cost me a lot of pride and self-esteem.

Everyone has been very supportive and encouraging, but I mean damn!, it really sucks to be me, I reckon.

This one's gonna "creep you out" a bit. It's a song by a group called Bloodrock, and in addition to the warning you saw when you entered the blog, I am issuing ANOTHER one. This version is the least graphic I found, but the words might get to you a bit. Just keep in mind it's for Halloween, when we ALL get a little "creepy".

The Animal Rescue Site

Thanks for clicking to feed and voting for Paulding Humane in the Shelter Challenge!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Think We're "Closing In" On Halloween, Y'all!

So first, here's a picture of "The German Boy" after his sleep study!

Puffy eyes, no make-up, no lipstick, no eye-shadow, hair all matted-up, but I had some GREAT dreams. *LOL*

We'll know the results in two weeks, but my Polysomnographer told me I entered into "severe apneic territory" several times during the night!

Pulmonary Oxyen Saturation dropped to 72% at one time. (Normal for me is 92-96% or greater). 72% is heading toward respiratory arrest.

So this is the latest I am doing about this!

I still have so much to give!

Okay Eff all of that shit! Just help me take care of feeding the 4-footers, please?

The Animal Rescue Site

Remember to click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane! They were the first animal welfare group I became associated with and they are near and dear to me.



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sleep Study Tonight

Gonna see how much of my depression/dementia may be due to sleep apnea.

Gotta be hooked up to some wires and monitored all night.

I'll be back Sunday night and let you know how it went.

"Fixin'" to walk out the door.

Don't forget to click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane Society! We have people from all over the world helping with this, so please remind your friends, okay?



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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skipping Ahead A Bit In The Memoirs

This is part of something I wrote on another message board with some editing, okay?

My very good friend on the Dope, Oakminster, brought this to mind when he shared this in a thread of mine called "Your Favorite Commercials".

Okay, I have already mentioned that my American soldier Dad brought me and my German Mom and brother to the US in 1960.

At that time, I still spoke with a very heavy German accent and did my best to try to fit in.

One of the ways was to "go out" for "Midget Football" and it was my first encounter with who would prove to be an inspiration to me and I am sure many others: Coach Roger Sauls who passed away last year.

Coach was very patient with me, teaching me the "ins and outs" of throwing and kicking that strange looking egg-shaped ball!

In those days, a lot of little boys went out for it and we all had our heroes on the Villa Rica Wildcats Varsity team. A couple of mine were John "Shaky" Smith, "Tiny" Cole, and Larry "Legs" Butler (who later became a cousin-in-law), and boy, didn't we wait for them to come out of the locker room and follow them as far to the field as we were allowed to go? I can still hear those cleats on the pavement and feel the crisp night air and hear the sounds of the band playing "Mr. Touchdown", as the guys clattered down the steps of the stadium which was at that time located behind Villa Rica Elementary School.

For a little kid just off the plane from Germany, that was a whole new experience, and so I too went out for the Midget Wildcat team and started practicing. Didn't make the backfield, but Coach found me a place on the line as a Tackle.

We practiced all summer long, and I struggled with the language, the rules of the game, and tried real hard to fit in. It wasn't always easy, and I had the first of what would be many broken noses in those days!

Well, school started and time came for jerseys. There were always more kids than there were jerseys, and we all knew that some of us might not get one, or if we did that we might have to take it off during the game and share it with another kid Coach might send in to play, but we all really wanted one because we knew it meant we'd be playing "first string"!

Well, names were called out and jerseys started flying out of boxes into the hands of some happy little boys, and because I knew I had had problems with the language and the rules, I also knew I'd have to share a jersey if I played, and as the boxes began to empty, I drifted to the back of the crowd, and prepared myself for the disappointment.

And that's when my jersey hit me in the back of the head.

I turned around and saw Coach look at me and wink.

And that's what I remember about Roger Sauls.


You had to know this was coming, right?

Can't do it without you. Please click to feed and vote!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Away From My Desk" For A Few Days

If you don't see a blog entry for a while, don't be concerned, okay?

I have a lot of things I need to take care of this week which entails lots of paperwork and research.

I hope to be back Sunday night.




Please don't forget to click and vote, and ask your friends to do the same!

Thanks again!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

My Eyes! My Eyes!

They're still very infected and I am still having to keep antibiotic ceam on the bottom inner and top inner eyelids, so I can't sit at the computer for very long.

Back soon!



The Animal Rescue Site

Friday, October 16, 2009


Okay, back from exam number two.

Again, a very friendly doc (we actually attended West Georgia College at the same time!) who asked all the right questions and (I hope) got all the right answers.

The exam, however, was very cursory: No blood work, no "snap" of that rubber glove, and no Bill (in a falsetto voice) yelling, "Oh.My.Gawd! Are you gonna stick that big ol' thing in MEEEE?"

I was actually looking forward to doing that, but maybe it's good that it didn't happen, because they might have thrown me out on my ass if it had.

One thing that did happen was an x-ray of my arthritic right hand. Specifically the right middle finger which will just not bend, and which, if I still drove, would have served me well in traffic!

I had forgotten that I mentioned that in my history, but apparently someone thought it was significant, and by golly, it is!

When I worked as a respiratory therapist, it was one of my jobs to manually resuscitate a patient in an emergent situation (this is known as "bagging" someone), and it was getting increasingly difficult to do, given that my right is my dominant hand, and I remember not doing as well with my left.

Okay, so they took 3 shots of my hand to add to my chart/dossier/application.

Y'all, during this whole week, I have slept maybe 4 hours total, and right now, not only am I losing altitude; I am in a friggin tailspin!

I have alternately laughed (trying to make the best of it all) and cried (wondering if I am going to be able to help my sweet wife to keep our little family together as long as I can function) and wondered to myself: "WTF???? The meds are supposed to keep this from happening!"

So, in keeping with my philosophy of keeping this blog honest, I have to tell you that right now I have the mother of all eye-infections. Every time I blink my eyes, there's so much "eye-snot" that I have to pry the lids open with my fingers.

Loss of sleep? Bawling like a baby, or just allergies?

I don't know. I'm just glad to have "phase one" behind me, and hope to be strong enough to face two or three, if needed.

The "Waiting Game" begins. Thanks for being here and hanging in there with me!

Thanks to everyone for still remembering the four-footed ones.

The Animal Rescue Site

This is a rarely heard tune. Little Willie John......



Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Down, One To Go!

Today was my psych exam, and the preliminary diagnosis was, "Your'e crazier than a shit-house rat!"

Just kidding! (thanks for the image, Becks!)

The testing today was almost the same as the one in August except this time D was there and had to fill out a questionnaire (in a separate room), but was in the room for the "history" of all of this, so if I got something "wrong" she would correct me.

However, I'm just as drained now as I was that first time.

Also, I expected hostility, but didn't experience any of that at all. My psychiatrist and test administrator were very pleasant and fair in their questioning and paused when I couldn't remember something or got "choked up" and couldn't speak.

I'm going to keep this one "short and sweet", but I wanted to thank my friend and "teacher", Ms. Becks for the homework assignment of documenting the hell out of "what a long strange trip it's been". It helped a lot that my examiners didn't come into the whole exam thing "cold".

More to come Friday evening.......

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

No '"Home For the Holidays" For The "German Boy" This Year......

....but here's a "taste" of what it might have been like on the way to my beloved Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The last time I was home I had my rental Mercedes up to 125 mph on the Autobahn, and I was screaming like I did the first time I went sky-diving.

Apparently, though? I was still driving too slow for my fellow countrymen/women, 'cause they were coming up behind me in the left lane, honking their horns for me to get my sorry ass over!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demm Krazzy Churmans!

You are watching KRAFTWERK, the PIONEERS of "Techno-Pop"
and you will see much more German "Techno" to come. Especially at Halloween!

The Animal Rescue Site

Please remember them!



Friday, October 9, 2009

A Jukebox Classic

Click on the title to see this cute video from Mogipbob!

Y'all have a great weekend!

The Animal Rescue Site

Da Murph and a guest at his 5th Birthday party!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So.... Y'all Had Enough Of Me Yet?

If not, there's more "juicy tid-bits" to come!


Because I promised it to my friend "Becks", here is how D and I met.......

After I did my "tour of duty" at Pine Knoll Nursing Home, I finally got "invited" to apply at Tanner Memorial Hospital!

My first area as an "orderly" was at "DESK ONE" (where D worked as a nurse).

Try as I might, I could NOT get a smile out of this woman!

Yes, I was drawn to her, yes, she was pretty, but would she give me the time of day???

What do y'all think?

NO would be the correct answer.

So I had to get to work.

I had to conquer this woman, if that's the last thing I did!

Ya know what did it?


A '65 Pontiac GTO!

When I saw D in that car, I knew she was my "dream-babe", so I went to work on her, and told her all of my corny jokes, rubbed up against her suggestively, and pretty soon we had us a date and that little GTO just purred right along while her windshield just "clouded up"!

Remember the "four-footed ones? PLEASE to click to feed and vote for Paulding Humane!

The Animal Rescue Site

DA "Murph"! On him's 5th Birthday!