Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bill On The Drums

Great time, but I paid for it this morning!

We played at one of those new "smoking clubs", which were formed so that folks could still go to a club and smoke while they drink (smoking in public places has been banned in Germany)and the smoke was so thick and my eyes were pouring tears that I was only able to make it through 3 songs before I had to go outside to recover.

Stumbled in at 3 am this morning with a thick head and sore throat from all the smoke inhalation.

My friend Peter now knows about the EOAD, and I guess it kinda took him aback a bit because I looked like the same Bill he saw a year ago, and he refused to believe that I even had dementia until I reminded him how very punctual I have always been with the birthday cards - sometimes even sending them before the birthday even was due. After giving him several other examples of what's going on, he finally relented and said something like, "But still, that's not an automatic death sentence, is it, Bill?"

"Well, no, but it is a life-changer", I replied, and then told him about all the testing and took him on a tour of the brain over at

So okay, he`s still thinking positive and that's good, because so am I.

Putting on a little weight from the beer and all the rich food, but I allowed for a little "weight-cushion" so that's okay.

Thanks for keeping up with the blog and think SNOW for me, please?

PS: Picture later, okay. Can't add one from here.



Ttom said...

Hey Bud!,

Maybe not criminal but definitely insane! What is a medically educated, haired over person doing in a smoke filled room?!?

Make sure that your friends all know that we have technically advanced drugs that should be able to span the time until a cure.

Are you getting any snow over there? Are the forests still picked clean by the Burgermisters?
How about going back over there for Faashing?

Later, Tom

Bill Craig said...

Hell, I don#t know, Tom, just crazy about the Rock'n Roll, I reckon!

No snow, and the friends are aware of the drugs.

Fasching might be a possibility. We'll talk about it. Gotta run and catch the train to my uncle's house.

Talk to y'all soon.


Lynn said...

Hi Bill,

We are all thinking about you and I might say I am very envious. we lived in W. Berlin from 79-83 (before the wall came down) while in military. We spent time down "in the zone" and Christmas was such a special time. You are in a fabulous part of Germany. Eat and drink for us all.

Lynn ~ the spotted dog